Azure 媒体服务 v3 概述Azure Media Services v3 overview

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Azure 媒体服务是一个基于云的平台,用于生成解决方案,以便实现广播质量的视频流、增强可访问性和分发,等等。Azure Media Services is a cloud-based platform that enables you to build solutions that achieve broadcast-quality video streaming, enhance accessibility and distribution, and much more. 无论你是应用开发人员、呼叫中心、政府机构还是娱乐公司,媒体服务都能帮助你创建应用,通过当今最热门的移动设备和浏览器向广大受众提供品质卓越的媒体体验。Whether you're an app developer, a call center, a government agency, or an entertainment company, Media Services helps you create apps that deliver media experiences of outstanding quality to large audiences on today's most popular mobile devices and browsers.

媒体服务 v3 SDK 基于媒体服务 v3 OpenAPI 规范 (Swagger)The Media Services v3 SDKs are based on Media Services v3 OpenAPI Specification (Swagger).


目前,可以使用 Azure 门户执行以下操作:管理媒体服务 v3 直播活动、查看(而不是管理)v3 资产获取有关访问 API 的信息Currently, you can use the Azure portal to: manage Media Services v3 Live Events, view (not manage) v3 Assets, get info about accessing APIs. 对于其他所有管理任务(例如,转换和作业内容保护),请使用 REST APICLI 或某个受支持的 SDKFor all other management tasks (for example, Transforms and Jobs and Content protection), use the REST API, CLI, or one of the supported SDKs.

如果没有 Azure 试用版订阅,请在开始前创建一个试用版订阅If you don't have an Azure trail subscription, create a trial subscription before you begin.

符合性、隐私和安全性Compliance, Privacy and Security

需要重点提醒的是,在使用 Azure 媒体服务时,你必须遵守所有适用法律,不得以侵犯他人权利或可能对他人有害的方式使用媒体服务或任何 Azure 服务。As an important reminder, you must comply with all applicable laws in your use of Azure Media Services, and you may not use Media Services or any Azure service in a manner that violates the rights of others, or that may be harmful to others.

在将任何视频/图像上传到媒体服务之前,必须拥有该视频/图像的适当使用权限,包括根据法律的要求,获得视频/图像中的个人(如果有)授予的,在媒体服务和 Azure 中使用、处理和存储其数据的所有必要许可。Before uploading any video/image to Media Services, You must have all the proper rights to use the video/image, including, where required by law, all the necessary consents from individuals (if any) in the video/image, for the use, processing, and storage of their data in Media Services and Azure. 某些司法辖区可能会对收集、在线处理和存储某些类别的数据(例如生物识别数据)施加特殊的法律要求。Some jurisdictions may impose special legal requirements for the collection, online processing and storage of certain categories of data, such as biometric data. 在根据特殊法律要求使用媒体服务和 Azure 处理与存储任何数据之前,必须确保符合可能适用于你的任何法律要求。Before using Media Services and Azure for the processing and storage of any data subject to special legal requirements, You must ensure compliance with any such legal requirements that may apply to You.

若要了解媒体服务中的合规性、隐私和安全性,请访问 Azure 信任中心To learn about compliance, privacy and security in Media Services please visit the Azure Trust Center. 若要了解世纪互联的隐私义务、数据处理和保留惯例,包括如何删除数据,请查看世纪互联的隐私声明联机服务条款 ("OST") 和数据处理附录 ("DPA")。For 21 Vianet's privacy obligations, data handling and retention practices, including how to delete your data, please review 21 Vianet's Privacy Statement, the Online Services Terms ("OST") and Data Processing Addendum ("DPA"). 使用媒体服务即表示你同意遵守 OST、DPA 和隐私声明。By using Media Services, you agree to be bound by the OST, DPA and the Privacy Statement.

媒体服务的功能是什么?What can I do with Media Services?

使用媒体服务,你可以在云中构建各种媒体工作流。Media Services lets you build a variety of media workflows in the cloud. 下面是媒体服务的功能的一些示例:Some examples of what you can do with Media Services include:

  • 提供各种格式的视频,以便通过各种浏览器和设备播放视频。Deliver videos in various formats so they can be played on a wide variety of browsers and devices. 为了将点播和实时传送视频流传输到各种客户端(移动设备、电视、电脑等),需要对视频和音频进行适当的编码和打包。For both on-demand and live streaming delivery to various clients (mobile devices, TV, PC, and so on), the video and audio content needs to be encoded and packaged appropriately. 要了解如何交付和流式传输此类内容,请参阅快速入门:编码和流式传输文件To see how to deliver and stream such content, see Quickstart: Encode and stream files.
  • 向大量在线观众流式传输实时体育赛事,例如足球、棒球、大学和高中体育运动等等。Stream live sporting events to a large online audience, like soccer, baseball, college and high school sports, and more.
  • 广播公共会议和活动,例如市政厅、市议会和立法机构。Broadcast public meetings and events, like town halls, city council meetings, and legislative bodies.
  • 当客户(例如电影工作室)需要限制对版权所有作品的访问和使用时,创建订阅视频服务并流式传输受 DRM 保护的内容。Create a subscription video service and stream DRM protected content when a customer (for example, a movie studio) needs to restrict the access and use of proprietary copyrighted work.
  • 提供脱机内容,以便在飞机、火车和汽车上播放。Deliver offline content for playback on airplanes, trains, and automobiles. 如果客户希望断开网络连接,可能需要将内容下载到手机或平板电脑上播放。A customer might need to download content onto their phone or tablet for playback when they anticipate to be disconnected from the network.
  • 使用 Azure 媒体服务和 Azure 认知服务 API 实现教育在线学习视频平台,提供语音转文本字幕、多种语言翻译等功能。Implement an educational e-learning video platform with Azure Media Services and Azure Cognitive Services APIs for speech-to-text captioning, translating to multi-languages, and so on.
  • 将 Azure 媒体服务与 Azure 认知服务 API 配合使用来为视频添加字幕和描述文字,满足更多受众的需求(例如,听力障碍人士或想用不同语言阅读的人)。Use Azure Media Services together with Azure Cognitive Services APIs to add subtitles and captions to videos to cater to a broader audience (for example, people with hearing disabilities or people who want to read along in a different language).

如何开始使用 v3?How can I get started with v3?

了解如何使用媒体服务 v3 来编码和打包内容、进行视频点播流式处理、实时广播。Learn how to encode and package content, stream videos on-demand, broadcast live with Media Services v3. 教程、API 参考和其他文档介绍了如何安全地向数百万用户传送可缩放的点播和直播视频或音频流。Tutorials, API references, and other documentation show you how to securely deliver on-demand and live video or audio streams that scale to millions of users.


在开始开发之前,请查看:基本概念(包含打包、编码和保护等重要概念)以及如何通过媒体服务 v3 API 进行开发(其中包含有关访问 API、命名约定等内容的信息)。Before you start developing, review: Fundamental concepts which includes important concepts, like packaging, encoding, and protecting, and Developing with Media Services v3 APIs which includes information on accessing APIs, naming conventions, and so on.


开始使用 Azure 媒体服务 v3 客户端 SDK 进行开发。Start developing with Azure Media Services v3 client SDKs.


快速入门向新客户展示基本的第 1 天使用说明,以便快速试用媒体服务。The quickstarts show fundamental day-1 instructions for new customers to quickly try out Media Services.


教程演示一些顶级媒体服务任务的基于方案的过程。The tutorials show scenario-based procedures for some of the top Media Services tasks.


使用此示例浏览器浏览 Azure 媒体服务代码示例。Use this samples browser to browse Azure Media Services code samples.

操作指南How-to guides

操作指南包含演示如何完成某项任务的代码示例。How-to guides contain code samples that demonstrate how to complete a task. 在本部分中,你将看到许多示例。In this section, you'll find many examples. 下面是其中几个示例:Here are a few of them:

后续步骤Next steps

了解基本概念Learn about fundamental concepts