Azure 媒体服务 V2 和 V3 之间的功能差异Feature gaps between Azure Media Services V2 and V3


迁移步骤 2

迁移指南的此部分将详细介绍 V2 和 V3 API 之间的差异。This part of the migration guidance gives you detailed information about the differences between the V2 and V3 APIs.

V2 和 V3 API 之间的功能差异Feature gaps between V2 and V3 APIs

与 V2 API 相比,V3 API 存在以下功能差异。The V3 API has the following feature gaps with the V2 API. V2 API 中的一些 Media Encoder Standard 高级功能目前在 V3 中不可用:A couple of the advanced features of the Media Encoder Standard in V2 APIs are currently not available in V3:

  • 在输入不包含音频时插入静音轨迹,因为 Azure Media Player 不再需要此功能。Inserting a silent audio track when input has no audio, as this is no longer required with the Azure Media Player.

  • 在输入不包含视频时插入视频轨迹。Inserting a video track when input has no video.

  • 包含转码的直播活动目前不支持静态图像插入中间流,以及通过 API 调用执行的广告标记插入。Live Events with transcoding currently don't support Slate insertion mid-stream and ad marker insertion via API call.

  • V2 中不再支持 Azure 媒体高级编码器。Azure Media Premium Encoder will no longer be supported in V2. 如果要使用它进行 8 位 HEVC 编码,请在标准编码器中使用新的 HEVC 支持。If you're using it for 8-bit HEVC encoding, use the new HEVC support in the Standard Encoder.

    • 添加了对音频通道映射到标准编码器的支持。We added support for audio channel mapping to the Standard encoder. 请参阅媒体服务编码 Swagger 文档中的音频See Audio in the Media Services Encoding Swagger documentation.
    • 如果你使用的是第三方许可产品(如 MXF 或 ProRes)的高级功能或输出格式,请使用 Telestream 中的 Azure 合作伙伴解决方案,该解决方案在 V2 停用时可以处理事务。If you were using advanced features or output formats of the third-party licensed product such as MXF or ProRes, use the Azure Partner solution from Telestream, which will be transactional by the time of the V2 retirement. 或者,你可以使用 Imagine Communications 或 BitmovinAlternatively you can use Imagine Communications, or Bitmovin.
  • 不再支持 V2 中流式处理终结点上的“可用性集”属性。The "availability set" property on the Streaming Endpoint in V2 is no longer supported. 请参阅 V3 API 中高可用性 VOD 交付的示例项目和指南。See the sample project and guidance for High Availability VOD delivery in the V3 API.

  • 在媒体服务 V3 中,无法指定 FairPlay IV。In Media Services V3, FairPlay IV cannot be specified. 尽管这不会影响使用媒体服务进行打包和许可证传递的客户,但在使用第三方 DRM 系统提供 FairPlay 许可证(混合模式)时可能会遇到问题。While it doesn't impact customers using Media Services for both packaging and license delivery, it can be an issue when using a third-party DRM system to deliver the FairPlay licenses (hybrid mode).

  • 用于保护静态资产的客户端存储加密已从 V3 API 中删除,并由静态数据的存储服务加密代替。Client-side storage encryption for protection of assets at rest has been removed in the V3 API and replaced by storage service encryption for data at rest. V3 API 会继续处理现有的存储加密资产,但不会允许创建新资产。The V3 APIs continue to work with existing storage encrypted assets but won't allow creation of new ones.

术语和实体更改Terminology and entity changes

有关 API 的其他更改,请参阅术语和实体更改。See Terminology and entity changes for additional changes to the API.