常见问题 (FAQ)Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

本主题解答了有关 IoT Edge 上的实时视频分析的常见问题。This topic gives answers to Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge FAQs.


图形拓扑定义中可以使用哪些系统变量?What are the system variables that can be used in graph topology definition?

变量Variable 说明Description
System.DateTimeSystem.DateTime 表示某个时刻,通常以日期和当天的时间表示。Represents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.
System.GraphTopologyNameSystem.GraphTopologyName 表示媒体图形拓扑,保存图形的蓝图。Represents a media graph topology, holds the blueprint of a graph.
System.GraphInstanceNameSystem.GraphInstanceName 表示媒体图形实例,保存参数值并引用拓扑。Represents a media graph instance, holds parameter values and references the topology.

配置和部署Configuration and deployment

是否可以将媒体边缘模块部署到 Windows 10 设备?Can I deploy the media edge module to a Windows 10 device? * 是的。Yes. 请参阅有关 Windows 10 上的 Linux 容器 的文章。See the article on Linux Containers on Windows 10.

从 IP 相机和 RTSP 设置捕获Capture from IP camera and RTSP settings

  • 是否需要在设备上使用特殊的 SDK 来发送视频流?Do I need to use a special SDK on my device to send in a video stream?
    • 否。No. IoT Edge 上的实时视频分析支持使用 RTSP 视频流式处理协议(大多数 IP 相机均支持此协议)来捕获媒体。Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge supports capturing media using RTSP video streaming protocol (which is supported on most IP cameras).
  • 是否可以使用 RTMP 或 Smooth(如媒体服务实时事件)将媒体推送到 IoT Edge 上的实时视频分析?Can I push media to Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge using RTMP or Smooth (like a Media Services Live Event)?
    • 否。No. LVA 仅支持使用 RTSP 从 IP 相机捕获视频。LVA only support RTSP for capturing video from IP cameras.
    • 任何支持通过 TCP/HTTP 进行 RTSP 流式处理的相机都应正常工作。Any camera that supports RTSP streaming over TCP/HTTP should work.
  • 是否可以在图形实例上重置或更新 RTSP 源 URL?Can I reset or update the RTSP source URL on a graph instance?
    • 可以,在图形实例处于非活动状态时即可进行重置或更新。Yes, when the graph instance is in inactive state.
  • 是否有可以在测试和开发期间使用的 RTSP 模拟器?Is there a RTSP simulator available to use during testing and development?
    • 是的。Yes. 可以在快速入门和教程中使用 RTSP 模拟器边缘模块来助力学习过程。There is an RTSP simulator edge module available for use in the quick starts and tutorials to support the learning process. 此模块是我们尽最大努力提供的,可能并非随时都可用。This module is provided as best-effort and may not always be available. 强烈建议使用时间不要超过几个小时。It is strongly encouraged not to use this for more than a few hours. 在制定生产部署计划之前,应投入实际的 RTSP 源进行测试。You should invest in testing with your actual RTSP source before making plans for a production deployment.
  • 你们是否支持 ONVIF 在边缘发现 IP 照相机?Do you support ONVIF discovery of IP cameras at the edge?
    • 否,不支持 ONVIF 在边缘发现设备。No, there is no support for ONVIF discovery of devices on the edge.

流式处理和播放Streaming and playback

  • 是否可以使用媒体服务流式处理技术(例如 HLS 或 DASH)播放从边缘录制到 AMS 的资产?Can assets recorded to AMS from the edge be played back using Media Services streaming technologies like HLS or DASH?

    • 是的。Yes. 可以像处理 Azure 媒体服务中的任何其他资产一样,对录制的资产进行流式处理。The recorded assets can be streamed like any other asset in Azure Media Services. 要流式处理内容,必须创建流式处理终结点,并使其处于“正在运行”状态。To stream the content, you must have a Streaming Endpoint created and in the running state. 通过使用标准流式处理定位符创建过程,你可以访问 HLS 或 DASH 清单,以便将其流式传输到任何支持的播放器框架。Using the standard Streaming Locator creation process will give you access to an HLS or DASH manifest for streaming to any capable player framework. 有关创建发布 HLS 或 DASH 清单的详细信息,请参阅动态打包For details on creating publishing HLS or DASH manifests, see dynamic packaging.
  • 是否可以在存档资产上使用媒体服务的标准内容保护和 DRM 功能?Can I use the standard content protection and DRM features of Media Services on an archived asset?

    • 是的。Yes. 所有标准动态加密内容保护和 DRM 功能都可用于从媒体图形录制的资产。All of the standard dynamic encryption content protection and DRM features are available for use on the assets recorded from a media graph.
  • 我可以使用哪些播放器来查看录制的资产中的内容?What players can I use to view content from the recorded assets?

  • 对媒体图形资产进行流式处理存在哪些限制?What are the limits on streaming a media graph asset?

    • 从媒体图形流式处理实时资产或录制资产会使用大规模基础结构和流式处理终结点,媒体服务支持相同的大规模基础结构和流式处理终结点,以便对媒体和娱乐、OTT 以及广播客户进行按需和实时流式处理。Streaming a live or recorded asset from a media graph uses the same high scale infrastructure and streaming endpoint that Media Services supports for on-demand and live streaming for Media & Entertainment, OTT, and broadcast customers. 这意味着你可以快速轻松地启用 Azure CDN、Verizon 或 Akamai,以将你的内容传递给受众,受众规模可以少至几个观众,也可多达数百万个观众,具体取决于你的场景。This means that you can quickly and easily enable the Azure CDN, Verizon or Akamai to deliver your content to an audience as small as a few viewers, or up to millions depending on your scenario.

    可以使用 Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) 或 MPEG-DASH 来传递内容。Content can be delivered using both Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or MPEG-DASH.

监视和指标Monitoring and metrics

  • 是否可以使用事件网格监视边缘上的媒体图形?Can I monitor the media graph on the edge using Event Grid?

    • 否。No. 目前不支持事件网格。Currently Event Grid is not supported.
  • 是否可以使用 Azure Monitor 查看云端或边缘的媒体图形的运行状况、指标和性能?Can I use Azure Monitor to view the health, metrics, and performance of my media graphs in the cloud or on the edge?

    • 否。No.
  • 是否有任何工具可用于简化监视媒体服务 IoT Edge 模块?Are there any tools to make it easier to monitor the Media Services IoT Edge module?

    • Visual Studio Code 支持“Azure IoT Tools”扩展,该扩展有助于轻松监视 LVAEdge 模块终结点。Visual Studio Code supports the "Azure IoT Tools " extension that allows you to easily monitor the LVAEdge module endpoints. 可以使用此工具快速开始监视“事件”的 IoT 中心内置终结点,并查看从边缘设备路由到云的推理消息。You can use this tool to quickly start monitoring the IoT Hub built-in endpoint for "events" and see the inference messages that are routed from the edge device to the cloud.

    此外,还可以使用此扩展编辑 LVAEdge 模块的模块孪生,以修改媒体图形设置。In addition, you can use this extension to edit the Module Twin for the LVAEdge module to modify the media graph settings.

有关详细信息,请参阅监视和日志记录一文。For more information, see the monitoring and logging article.

计费和可用性Billing and availability

  • IoT Edge 上的实时视频分析如何计费?How is LiveVideo Analytics on IoT Edge billed?

后续步骤Next steps

快速入门:入门 - IoT Edge 上的实时视频分析Quickstart: Get started - Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge