H264 单比特率 720p Audio 5.1H264 Single Bitrate 720p Audio 5.1

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Media Encoder Standard 定义了一组在创建编码作业时可使用的编码预设。Media Encoder Standard defines a set of encoding presets you can use when creating encoding jobs. 可以使用 preset name 指定编码媒体文件采用的格式。You can either use a preset name to specify into which format you would like to encode your media file. 也可以创建自己的 JSON 或基于 XML 的预设(使用 UTF-8 或 UTF-16 编码)。Or, you can create your own JSON or XML-based presets (using UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding. 然后,将自定义预设传递到编码器。You would then pass the custom preset to the encoder. 有关此 Media Encoder Standard 编码器支持的所有预设名称的列表,请参阅 Media Encoder Standard 的任务预设For the list of all the preset names supported by this Media Encoder Standard encoder, see Task Presets for Media Encoder Standard.

本主题介绍 XML 和 JSON 格式的 H264 Single Bitrate 720p Audio 5.1 预设。This topic shows the H264 Single Bitrate 720p Audio 5.1 preset in XML and JSON format.

此预设可生成比特率为 4500 kbps 的单个 MP4 文件和 AAC 5.1 音频。This preset produces a single MP4 file with a bitrate of 4500 kbps, and AAC 5.1 audio. 有关此预设的配置文件、比特率、采样率等的详细信息,请观察下面定义的 XML 或 JSON。For detailed information about profile, bitrate, sampling rate, etc. of this preset, examine the XML or JSON defined below. 有关每个元素的含义及其有效值的说明,请参阅 Media Encoder Standard 架构For explanations of what each element means, and the valid values for each element, see the Media Encoder Standard schema.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>  
<Preset xmlns:xsd="https://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="https://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" Version="1.0" xmlns="https://www.windowsazure.com/media/encoding/Preset/2014/03">  
      <Chapters />  
    <Output FileName="{Basename}_{Width}x{Height}_{VideoBitrate}.mp4">  
      <MP4Format />  


  "Version": 1.0,  
  "Codecs": [  
      "KeyFrameInterval": "00:00:02",  
      "SceneChangeDetection": true,  
      "H264Layers": [  
          "Profile": "Auto",  
          "Level": "auto",  
          "Bitrate": 4500,  
          "MaxBitrate": 4500,  
          "BufferWindow": "00:00:05",  
          "Width": 1280,  
          "Height": 720,  
          "BFrames": 3,  
          "ReferenceFrames": 3,  
          "AdaptiveBFrame": true,  
          "Type": "H264Layer",  
          "FrameRate": "0/1"  
      "Type": "H264Video"  
      "Profile": "AACLC",  
      "Channels": 6,  
      "SamplingRate": 48000,  
      "Bitrate": 384,  
      "Type": "AACAudio"  
  "Outputs": [  
      "FileName": "{Basename}_{Width}x{Height}_{VideoBitrate}.mp4",  
      "Format": {  
        "Type": "MP4Format"