Azure 媒体服务概述Azure Media Services overview


不会向媒体服务 v2 添加任何新特性或新功能。No new features or functionality are being added to Media Services v2.
查看最新版本:媒体服务 v3Check out the latest version, Media Services v3. 另请参阅从 v2 到 v3 的迁移指南Also, see migration guidance from v2 to v3

Azure 媒体服务 (AMS) 是一个可扩展的基于云的平台,可供开发人员用来生成可缩放的媒体管理与传送应用程序。Azure Media Services (AMS) is an extensible cloud-based platform that enables developers to build scalable media management and delivery applications. 媒体服务基于 REST API,使用这些 API 可以安全地上传、存储、编码和打包视频或音频内容,以供点播以及以实时传送视频流的形式传送到各种客户端(例如,电视、电脑和移动设备)。Media Services is based on REST APIs that enable you to securely upload, store, encode, and package video or audio content for both on-demand and live streaming delivery to various clients (for example, TV, PC, and mobile devices).

可以完全使用媒体服务构建端到端工作流。You can build end-to-end workflows using entirely Media Services. 也可以选择使用第三方组件来构建工作流的某些组成部分。You can also choose to use third-party components for some parts of your workflow. 例如,使用第三方编码器进行编码。For example, encode using a third-party encoder. 然后,使用媒体服务进行上传、保护、打包和传送。Then, upload, protect, package, deliver using Media Services. 可以选择实时流式传输内容,或者按需传送内容。You can choose to stream your content live or deliver content on-demand.


若要开始使用 Azure 媒体服务,应该具备以下条件:To start using Azure Media Services, you should have the following:

  • 一个 Azure 帐户。An Azure account. 如果没有帐户,可以创建一个试用帐户,只需几分钟即可完成。If you don't have an account, you can create a trial account in just a couple of minutes. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure 1 元试用For details, see Azure 1rmb Trial.

  • Azure 媒体服务帐户。An Azure Media Services account. 有关详细信息,请参阅创建帐户For more information, see Create Account.

  • (可选)设置开发环境。(Optional) Set up development environment. 为开发环境选择“.NET”或“REST API”。Choose .NET or REST API for your development environment. 有关详细信息,请参阅 设置环境For more information, see Set up environment.

    此外,请学习如何以编程方式连接到 AMS APIAlso, learn how to connect programmatically to AMS API.

  • 处于已启动状态的标准或高级流式处理终结点。A standard or premium streaming endpoint in started state. 有关详细信息,请参阅管理流式处理终结点For more information, see Managing streaming endpoints

SDK 和工具SDKs and tools

若要构建媒体服务解决方案,可以使用:To build Media Services solutions, you can use:


若要获取最新版本的 Java SDK 并开始使用 Java 进行开发,请参阅媒体服务的 Java 客户端 SDK 入门To get the latest version of Java SDK and get started developing with Java, see Get started with the Java client SDK for Media Services.
若要下载最新的媒体服务 PHP SDK,请在 Packagist 存储库中查找 0.5.7 版 Microsoft/WindowAzure 包。To download the latest PHP SDK for Media Services, look for version 0.5.7 of the Microsoft/WindowAzure package in the Packagist repository.

代码示例Code samples

在 “Azure 代码示例”库中查找多个代码示例:Azure 媒体服务代码示例Find multiple code samples in the Azure Code Samples gallery: Azure Media Services code samples.


有关 Azure 媒体服务的概念,请参阅概念For Azure Media Services concepts, see Concepts.

媒体服务支持的跨数据中心方案和可用性Supported scenarios and availability of Media Services across data centers

有关详细信息,请参阅 AMS 功能和服务的跨数据中心方案和可用性For detailed information, see AMS scenarios and availability of features and services across data centers.

服务级别协议 (SLA)Service Level Agreement (SLA)

有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure SLAFor more information, see Azure SLA.

若要了解此功能在数据中心的可用性,请参阅可用性部分。For information about availability in datacenters, see the Availability section.


Azure 支持 为 Azure(包括媒体服务)提供支持选项。Azure Support provides support options for Azure, including Media Services.