配额和限制Quotas and Limitations

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本文介绍与 Azure 媒体服务关联的配额和限制。This article describes quotas and limitations associated with Azure Media Services.


对于不固定的资源,可以通过开具支持票证的方式请求提高配额。For resources that are not fixed, you may ask for the quotas to be raised, by opening a support ticket. 请勿 尝试通过创建更多 Azure 媒体服务帐户的方式来提高配额限制。Do not create additional Azure Media Services accounts in an attempt to obtain higher limits.

资源Resource 默认限制Default Limit
单个订阅中的 Azure 媒体服务 (AMS) 帐户数Azure Media Services (AMS) accounts in a single subscription 25(固定)25 (fixed)
每个 AMS 帐户的媒体预留单位 (Ru)Media Reserved Units (RUs) per AMS account 25 (S1)25 (S1)
10 (S2, S3) (1)10 (S2, S3) (1)
每个 AMS 帐户的作业数Jobs per AMS account 50,000(2)50,000(2)
每个作业的链接任务数Chained tasks per job 30(固定)30 (fixed)
每个 AMS 帐户的资产数Assets per AMS account 1,000,0001,000,000
每个任务的资产数Assets per task 5050
每个作业的资产数Assets per job 100100
一次与一个资产关联的唯一定位符数Unique locators associated with an asset at one time 5(4)5(4)
每个 AMS 帐户的实时频道数Live channels per AMS account 55
每个频道的停止状态节目数Programs in stopped state per channel 5050
每个频道的运行状态节目数Programs in running state per channel 33
每个 AMS 帐户处于运行状态的流式处理终结点数Streaming endpoints in running state per AMS account 22
每个流式处理终结点的流式处理单位数Streaming units per streaming endpoint 10 个10
存储帐户Storage accounts 1,000(5)(固定)1,000(5) (fixed)
策略Policies 1,000,000(6)1,000,000(6)
文件大小File size 在某些情况下,支持在媒体服务中处理的最大文件大小存在限制。In some scenarios, there is a limit on the maximum file size supported for processing in Media Services. 77

1 如果更改类型(例如,从 S1 更改为 S2),则会重置最大 RU 限制。1 If you change the type (for example, from S2 to S1,) the max RU limits are reset.

2 这个数字包括已排队的、已完成的、活动的和已取消的作业。2 This number includes queued, finished, active, and canceled jobs. 不包括已删除的作业。It does not include deleted jobs. 可以使用 IJob.DeleteDELETE HTTP 请求删除旧作业。You can delete the old jobs using IJob.Delete or the DELETE HTTP request.

自 2017 年 4 月 1 日起,即使记录总数低于最大配额,也会自动删除帐户中所有超过 90 天的作业记录,及其相关的任务记录。As of April 1, 2017, any Job record in your account older than 90 days will be automatically deleted, along with its associated Task records, even if the total number of records is below the maximum quota. 若需存档作业/任务信息,可使用 此处所述代码。If you need to archive the job/task information, you can use the code described here.

3 发出列出作业实体的请求时,每个请求最多返回 1,000 个作业。3 When making a request to list Job entities, a maximum of 1,000 jobs is returned per request. 如果需要跟踪所有已提交的作业,可以使用 top/skip,如 OData 系统查询选项中所述。If you need to keep track of all submitted Jobs, you can use top/skip as described in OData system query options.

4 定位符不用于管理按用户的访问控制。4 Locators are not designed for managing per-user access control. 要为不同用户提供不同的访问权限,请使用数字权限管理 (DRM) 解决方案。To give different access rights to individual users, use Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions. 有关详细信息,请参阅部分。For more information, see this section.

5 存储帐户必须来自同一 Azure 订阅。5 The storage accounts must be from the same Azure subscription.

6 不同的 AMS 策略限制为 1,000,000 个(例如,对于定位器策略或 ContentKeyAuthorizationPolicy)。6 There is a limit of 1,000,000 policies for different AMS policies (for example, for Locator policy or ContentKeyAuthorizationPolicy).


如果经常使用相同的天数/访问权限等,则应使用相同的策略 ID。有关信息和示例,请参阅部分。You should use the same policy ID if you are always using the same days / access permissions / etc. For information and an example, see this section.

7如果要将内容上传到 Azure 媒体服务中的资产,并且意图是要使用 Azure 服务中的媒体处理器之一(例如,Media Encoder Standard 编码器,或者 Face Detector 等分析引擎)对此内容进行处理,则应注意支持的最大大小约束。7If you are uploading content to an Asset in Azure Media Services to process it with one of the media processors in the service (that is, encoders like Media Encoder Standard, or analysis engines like Face Detector), then you should be aware of the constraints on the maximum file sizes supported.

在 Azure Blob 存储中,单个 Blob 目前支持的最大大小为 5 TB。The maximum size supported for a single blob is currently up to 5 TB in Azure Blob Storage. 但是,Azure 媒体服务会根据服务使用的 VM 大小应用其他限制。However, additional limits apply in Azure Media Services based on the VM sizes that are used by the service. 下表显示了每个媒体预留单位(S1、S2、S3)的限制。如果源文件大于表中定义的限制,则编码作业将会失败。The following table shows the limits on each of the Media Reserved Units (S1, S2, S3.) If your source file is larger than the limits defined in the table, your encoding job will fail. 编码持续时间较长的 4K 分辨率源时,需要使用 S3 媒体预留单位才能达到所需的性能。If you are encoding 4K resolution sources of long duration, you are required to use S3 Media Reserved Units to achieve the performance needed. 如果 4K 内容超过了针对 S3 媒体预留单位应用的 260 GB 限制,请通过 amshelp@microsoft.com 联系我们,我们会提供可能的缓解措施来支持你的方案。If you have 4K content that is larger than 260 GB limit on the S3 Media Reserved Units, contact us at amshelp@microsoft.com for potential mitigations to support your scenario.

媒体预留单位类型Media Reserved Unit type 最大输入大小 (GB)Maximum Input Size (GB)
S1S1 325325
S2S2 640640
S3S3 260260

开具支持票证以请求更改默认配额Open a Support Ticket to request changes to the default quotas

若要请求更改所提供的默认配额,可开具支持票证。To request changes to the default quotas provided, you can open a support ticket. 请在请求中包含所需的配额更改、用例方案和所需区域的详细信息。Please include detailed information in the request on the desired quota changes, use-case scenarios, and regions required.

如何开具支持票证How to open a support ticket

在 Azure 门户中,转到帮助 + 支持In the Azure portal, go to Help + support. 如果未登录到 Azure,系统会提示输入凭据。If you are not logged in to Azure, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.

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