Azure Database for MySQL 中的服务器概念Server concepts in Azure Database for MySQL


将要查看的是 Azure Database for MySQL 的新服务。You are viewing the new service of Azure Database for MySQL. 若要查看经典 MySQL Database for Azure 的文档,请访问此页To view the documentation for classic MySQL Database for Azure, please visit this page.

本文提供使用 Azure Database for MySQL 服务器的注意事项和指南。This article provides considerations and guidelines for working with Azure Database for MySQL servers.

什么是 Azure Database for MySQL 服务器?What is an Azure Database for MySQL server?

Azure Database for MySQL 服务器是多个数据库的中心管理点。An Azure Database for MySQL server is a central administrative point for multiple databases. 它的 MySQL 服务器构造与本地环境中用户可能比较熟悉的构造相同。It is the same MySQL server construct that you may be familiar with in the on-premises world. 具体而言,Azure Database for MySQL 服务是托管的服务,它提供性能保证,并公开服务器级访问权限和功能。Specifically, the Azure Database for MySQL service is managed, provides performance guarantees, and exposes access and features at server-level.

Azure Database for MySQL 服务器:An Azure Database for MySQL server:

  • 在 Azure 订阅中创建。Is created within an Azure subscription.
  • 是数据库的父资源。Is the parent resource for databases.
  • 为数据库提供了一个命名空间。Provides a namespace for databases.
  • 是具有强生存期语义的容器 - 删除服务器时会删除所包含的数据库。Is a container with strong lifetime semantics - delete a server and it deletes the contained databases.
  • 并置区域中的资源。Collocates resources in a region.
  • 为服务器和数据库访问提供连接终结点。Provides a connection endpoint for server and database access.
  • 提供应用于其数据库的管理策略的作用域:登录名、防火墙、用户、角色、配置等。Provides the scope for management policies that apply to its databases: login, firewall, users, roles, configurations, etc.
  • 在多个版本内可用。Is available in multiple versions. 有关详细信息,请参阅支持的 Azure Database for MySQL 数据库版本For more information, see Supported Azure Database for MySQL database versions.

在 Azure Database for MySQL 数据库中,可创建一个或多个数据库。Within an Azure Database for MySQL server, you can create one or multiple databases. 可以选择为每个服务器创建单一数据库来使用所有资源,也可以选择创建多个数据库来共享资源。You can opt to create a single database per server to use all the resources or to create multiple databases to share the resources. 按服务器根据定价层、vCore 和存储 (GB) 的配置采用结构化定价。The pricing is structured per-server, based on the configuration of pricing tier, vCores, and storage (GB). 有关详细信息,请参阅定价层For more information, see Pricing tiers.

如何连接到 Azure Database for MySQL 服务器并进行身份验证?How do I connect and authenticate to an Azure Database for MySQL server?

以下元素有助于确保安全地访问数据库。The following elements help ensure safe access to your database.

身份验证和授权Authentication and authorization Azure Database for MySQL 服务器支持本机 MySQL 身份验证。Azure Database for MySQL server supports native MySQL authentication. 可使用服务器的管理员登录名连接到服务器并进行身份验证。You can connect and authenticate to a server with the server's admin login.
协议Protocol 该服务支持 MySQL 使用的基于消息的协议。The service supports a message-based protocol used by MySQL.
TCP/IPTCP/IP 通过 TCP/IP 和 Unix 域套接字支持该协议。The protocol is supported over TCP/IP and over Unix-domain sockets.
防火墙Firewall 为了帮助保护数据,在用户指定具有访问权限的计算机之前,防火墙规则将禁止所有对数据库服务器的访问。To help protect your data, a firewall rule prevents all access to your database server, until you specify which computers have permission. 请参阅 Azure Database for MySQL 服务器防火墙规则See Azure Database for MySQL Server firewall rules.
SSLSSL 该服务支持在应用程序和数据库服务器之间强制进行 SSL 连接。The service supports enforcing SSL connections between your applications and your database server. 请参阅配置应用程序的 SSL 连接性以安全连接到 Azure Database for MySQLSee Configure SSL connectivity in your application to securely connect to Azure Database for MySQL.

如何管理服务器?How do I manage a server?

可通过使用 Azure 门户或 Azure CLI 来管理 Azure Database for MySQL 服务器。You can manage Azure Database for MySQL servers by using the Azure portal or the Azure CLI.

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