Azure 网络观察程序的数据驻留Data residency for Azure Network Watcher

Azure 网络观察程序不会存储客户数据,连接监视器(预览版)服务除外。With the exception of the Connection Monitor (Preview) service, Azure Network Watcher doesn't store customer data.

连接监视器(预览版)数据驻留Connection Monitor (Preview) data residency

连接监视器(预览版)服务会存储客户数据。The Connection Monitor (Preview) service stores customer data. 这些数据由网络观察程序自动存储在单个区域中。This data is automatically stored by Network Watcher in a single region. 因此,连接监视器(预览版)会自动满足区域内数据驻留要求,包括在信任中心指定的要求。So Connection Monitor (Preview) automatically satisfies in-region data residency requirements, including requirements specified on the Trust Center.

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