Azure Database for PostgreSQL - 单一服务器的连接库Connection libraries for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server

本文列出了开发人员在开发要连接到的应用程序和查询 Azure Database for PostgreSQL 时可使用的库和驱动程序。This article lists libraries and drivers that developers can use to develop applications to connect to and query Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

客户端接口Client interfaces

用于连接到 PostgreSQL 服务器的大多数语言客户端库为外部项目,并且独立分发。Most language client libraries used to connect to PostgreSQL server are external projects and are distributed independently. Windows、Linux 和 Mac 平台支持所列出的库连接到 Azure Database for PostgreSQL。The libraries listed are supported on the Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, for connecting to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. “后续步骤”部分中列出了几个快速入门示例。Several quickstart examples are listed in the Next steps section.

语言Language 客户端接口 Client interface 其他信息 Additional information 下载Download
PythonPython psycopgpsycopg 符合 DB API 2.0 规范DB API 2.0-compliant 下载Download
PHPPHP php-pgsqlphp-pgsql 数据库扩展Database extension 安装Install
Node.jsNode.js Pg npm 包Pg npm package 纯 JavaScript 非阻止客户端Pure JavaScript non-blocking client 安装Install
JavaJava JDBCJDBC 类型 4 JDBC 驱动程序Type 4 JDBC driver 下载 Download 
RubyRuby Pg gemPg gem Ruby 接口Ruby Interface 下载Download
GoGo Package pqPackage pq 纯 Go 语言 postgres 驱动程序Pure Go postgres driver 安装Install
C#/ .NETC#/ .NET NpgsqlNpgsql ADO.NET 数据提供程序ADO.NET Data Provider 下载Download
ODBCODBC psqlODBCpsqlODBC ODBC 驱动程序ODBC Driver 下载Download
CC libpqlibpq 主要 C 语言接口Primary C language interface 附送Included
C++C++ libpqxxlibpqxx 新样式 C++ 接口New-style C++ interface 下载Download

后续步骤Next steps

阅读这些快速入门,了解如何使用所选语言连接和查询 Azure Database for PostgreSQL:Read these quickstarts on how to connect to and query Azure Database for PostgreSQL by using your language of choice:

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