Power BI 工作区集合常见问题解答Power BI Workspace Collections FAQ


Power BI 工作区集合已弃用,到 2018 年 6 月 或合同指示时可用。Power BI Workspace Collections is deprecated and is available until June 2018 or when your contract indicates. 建议你规划到 Power BI Embedded 的迁移以避免应用程序中断。You are encouraged to plan your migration to Power BI Embedded to avoid interruption in your application. 有关如何将数据迁移到 Power BI Embedded 的信息,请参阅如何将 Power BI 工作区集合内容迁移到 Power BI EmbeddedFor information on how to migrate your data to Power BI Embedded, see How to migrate Power BI Workspace Collections content to Power BI Embedded.

什么是 Power BI 工作区集合?What is Power BI Workspace Collections?

Power BI 工作区集合是一项 Azure 服务,应用程序开发人员可以通过该服务将令人惊叹的完整交互式报表和可视化元素嵌入到面向客户的应用中,使客户无需花费时间和费用从头开始生成其自己的控件。Power BI Workspace Collections is an Azure service that allows Application developers to embed stunning, fully interactive reports and visualizations in customer facing apps without the time and expense of having to build your own controls from the ground-up. 现在,全球 9 个数据中心内都提供了包含 SLA 的 Power BI 工作区集合。We now have Power BI Workspace Collections available with SLA in 9 data centers worldwide. 此服务中还提供了增强的功能,例如,支持通过 Power BI 工作区集合中的行级安全性 (RLS) 提供数据安全性以用于高级筛选。We have also enhanced functionalities in the service like support for data security via row-level security (RLS) in Power BI Workspace Collections for advanced filtering. Power BI 工作区集合定价模型也进行了简化和更新。We have also simplified and updated the Power BI Workspace Collections pricing model.

谁想要使用 Power BI 工作区集合,为什么?Who would want to use Power BI Workspace Collections, and why?

Power BI 工作区集合适用于想要不必自己进行生成即可向其用户的所有设备提供令人惊叹的交互式数据可视化体验的应用程序开发人员。Power BI Workspace Collections are for Application developers that want to offer stunning and interactive data visualization experiences for their users across any of their devices without having to build it themselves. 通过 Power BI 工作区集合,开发人员可以利用直接查询提供始终保持最新的视图。With Power BI Workspace Collections, developers can deliver always-up-to-date views with Direct Query. 开发人员还可以使用 Azure 资源管理器 API 和 Power BI API 以编程方式部署、管理和自动化 Power BI。Developers can also programmatically deploy and manage automate Power BI with the Azure Resource Manager APIs and Power BI APIs. 与所有的 Power BI 服务一样,这种嵌入式服务也可以自动缩放以满足应用程序的使用情况和需求。As with all things Power BI, the embedded service automatically scales to meet the usage and needs of your application. Power BI 工作区集合服务采取即用即付消费的定价模式。The Power BI Workspace Collections service features a Pay-as-you-go consumption based pricing model.

Power BI 工作区集合与 Power BI 服务有什么关系?How does Power BI Workspace Collections relate to the Power BI service?

Power BI 工作区集合和 Power BI 服务是单独的产品/服务。Power BI Workspace Collections and the Power BI service are separate offerings. Power BI 工作区集合采取基于消费的计费模式,通过 Azure 门户部署并且旨在使 ISV 能够将数据可视化元素嵌入到应用程序中,供其客户使用。Power BI Workspace Collections features a consumption-based billing model, is deployed through the Azure portal and is designed to enable ISVs to embed data visualizations in applications for their customers to use. Power BI 服务通过 O365 门户进行计费和部署,是一个独立通用的 BI 产品/服务,主要供企业内部使用。The Power BI service is billed and deployed through the O365 portal and is a standalone general purpose BI offering primarily targeted at enterprise internal use. 若要了解 Power BI 服务的详细信息,请参阅 www.powerbi.comTo learn more about the Power BI service, see www.powerbi.com.

Power BI 工作区集合如何改进应用?How does Power BI Workspace Collections improve my app?

当可以利用优秀的交互式数据可视化功能直接在应用程序中通知用户的决策时,应用程序的功能将更为强大。Applications are significantly more powerful when you can leverage stunning, interactive data visualizations to inform user decisions directly in your application. Power BI 工作区集合可通过丰富的、始终保持最新的交互式数据可视化元素增强应用,以便提高应用的实用性、用户的满意度和忠诚度,并可在任何设备上轻松提供语境分析。Power BI Workspace Collections lets you enhance your app with interactive, always up-to-date, rich data visualizations so that you can increase the utility of your app, user satisfaction and loyalty, and deliver contextual analytics with ease on any device.

关于如何在应用中使用 Power BI 工作区集合是否存在任何规则或限制?Are there any rules or restrictions about how I can use Power BI Workspace Collections in my app?

Power BI 工作区集合仅用于为供第三方使用而提供的应用程序。Power BI Workspace Collections are intended for your applications that are provided for third party use. 如果想要使用 Power BI 工作区集合服务创建内部业务应用程序,则每个内部用户都需要具有一个 Power BI Pro USL,并且组织除需要支付 Power BI Pro USL 费用外,还需要支付使用 Power BI 工作区集合服务的费用。If you want to use the Power BI Workspace Collections service to create an internal business application, each of your internal users will need a Power BI Pro USL, and your organization will be charged for their consumption of the Power BI Workspace Collections service in addition to their Power BI Pro USL fees. 为避免产生 Power BI Pro USL 费和 Power BI 工作区集合用于内部应用程序的消耗成本,Power BI 服务在 Power BI 工作区集合外提供了其自己的内容嵌入功能,而未额外增加 Power BI USL 持有者的成本 (dev.powerbi.cn)。To avoid incurring both Power BI Pro USL fees and Power BI Workspace Collections consumption costs for internal applications, the Power BI service offers its own content embedding capabilities outside of Power BI Workspace Collections for no additional cost to Power BI USL holders (dev.powerbi.cn).

Power BI 工作区集合可以用于创建内部应用程序吗?Can Power BI Workspace Collections be used to create internal applications?

不能,Power BI 工作区集合仅供外部用户使用,不应在内部业务应用程序中使用。No, Power BI Workspace Collections are only intended for use by external users and should not be used within internal business applications. 为了嵌入用于内部业务应用程序的 Power BI 内容,应该使用 Power BI 服务,并且所有使用该内容的用户必须拥有一个有效的 Power BI 免费版或 Power BI Pro 的用户订阅许可证。In order to embed Power BI content for use in internal business applications, you should use the Power BI service, and all users consuming that content must have a valid Power BI Free or Power BI Pro user subscription license. 有关如何将内部应用程序与 Power BI 服务进行集成的详细信息,请访问 https://dev.powerbi.cnMore information on how to integrate internal applications with the Power BI service is available at https://dev.powerbi.cn.

此服务是否在全球提供?Is this service available globally?

目前,大多数数据中心内都提供 Power BI 工作区集合服务。The Power BI Workspace Collections service is available in most data centers now. 始终可以 在此处检查最新可用性。You can always check the latest availability here.

对于该服务,可用的 SLA 是什么?What is the available SLA for the service?

具有 Azure 标准 SLA 的 Power BI 工作区集合。Power BI Workspace Collections with Azure standard SLA. 有关详细信息,请参阅 服务级别协议See Service Level Agreements for more information.

什么是报表会话,它是如何计费的?What is a report session and how is it billed?

会话是指最终用户和 Power BI 工作区集合报表之间的一组交互活动。A session is a set of interactions between an end user and a Power BI Workspace Collections report. 每次向用户显示 Power BI 工作区集合报表时,就会启动一个会话,并向订阅持有者收取使用会话的费用。Each time a Power BI Workspace Collections report is displayed to a user, a session is initiated and the subscription holder is charged for a session. 会话按统一收费率计费,独立于报表中的视觉对象元素数量或报表内容的刷新频率。Sessions are billed at a flat rate, independent of the number of visual elements in a report or how frequently the report content is refreshed. 当用户关闭报表时或者会话于一小时后超时时,会话结束。A session ends when either the user closes the report, or the session times out after one hour.

是否提供了任何工具或指南来帮助用户估计应预估的呈现/会话数?Do you offer any tools or guidance to help me estimate how many renders/session I should expect? 如何才能知道已完成了多少呈现?How will I know how many renders have been completed?

Azure 门户会提供关于针对订阅已执行的呈现/报表会话数的帐单详细信息。The Azure portal provides billing details on how many renders / report sessions have been performed against your subscription.

使用 Power BI 工作区集合开发应用程序是否需要 Power BI 订阅?Do I need a Power BI subscription in order to develop applications with Power BI Workspace Collections? 如何开始?How do I get started?

作为应用程序开发人员,创建希望在应用程序中使用的报表和可视化元素无需具有 Power BI 订阅。As the application developer, you do not need to have a Power BI subscription in order to create the reports and visualizations you wish to use in your application. 但需要 Azure 订阅和免费的 Power BI Desktop 应用程序。You need a Azure subscription and the free Power BI Desktop application.

有关如何使用 Power BI 工作区集合服务的详细信息,请参阅服务文档。See our service documentation for details on how to use the Power BI Workspace Collections service.

用户有一个 Azure 订阅。I have an Azure subscription. 是否可以通过现有的订阅使用 Power BI 工作区集合?Can I use Power BI Workspace Collections using my existing subscription?

是的。Yes. 可以使用现有的 Azure 订阅预配和使用 Power BI 工作区集合服务。You can use your existing Azure subscription to provision and use the Power BI Workspace Collections service.

应用程序的最终用户是否需要 Power BI 许可证?Does my application end-user need a Power BI license?

否。No. 应用程序的最终用户无需单独购买 Power BI 订阅便可访问应用内数据可视化元素。Your application’s end users are not required to buy or the Power BI subscription separately in order to access the in-app data visualizations. 在 Power BI 工作区集合模型中,会通过 Azure 消耗计量器针对服务向应用程序提供商计费。In the Power BI Workspace Collections model you, as the application provider, is billed for the service through the Azure consumption meter. 请参阅定价和许可页Refer to the Pricing and licensing page.

如何对 Power BI 工作区集合的用户进行身份验证?How does user authentication work with Power BI Workspace Collections?

Power BI 工作区集合服务使用“应用令牌”进行身份验证和授权,而不是使用显式的最终用户身份验证。The Power BI Workspace Collections service uses App Tokens for authentication and authorization instead of explicit end-user authentication. 在应用令牌模型中,应用程序管理最终用户的身份验证和授权。In the App Token model, your application manages authentication and authorization for your end users. 然后,若有必要,应用将创建Then, when necessary, your app creates

并发送应用令牌,以指示服务来呈现所请求的报表。and sends the App Tokens that tells our service to render the requested report. 此设计不要求应用使用 Azure AD 进行用户身份验证和授权,但仍然可以这样做。This design does not require your app to use Azure AD for user authentication and authorization, although you can do this. 可以在此处了解应用令牌的详细信息。You can learn more about App Tokens here. Power BI 工作区集合中还引入了行级安全性 (RLS) 功能以用于高级安全性筛选方案。We also introduced row-level security feature (RLS) in Power BI Workspace Collections for advanced security filtering scenarios.

Power BI 工作区集合当前支持哪些数据源?What data sources are currently supported with Power BI Workspace Collections?

会支持通过直接查询对使用基本凭据的云数据源进行访问。We are going to support access to cloud data sources that use basic credentials via Direct Query. 这意味着目前支持的源有 Azure SQL DB 和 Azure SQL DW 等。This means that sources such as Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL DW are supported right now. 在未来几个月中会添加对其他数据源和访问类型的支持。We add support for other data sources and access types in the coming months. 有关详细信息,请参阅连接到数据源For more information, see Connect to a data source.

Power BI 工作区集合的租户模型如何工作?How does the tenancy model work for Power BI Workspace Collections?

在 Power BI 工作区集合模型中,明确要求 Azure AD 租户中必须存在客户。In the Power BI Workspace Collections model, there is no explicit requirement to have your customers in Azure AD tenants. 可以为客户选择是否需要 Azure AD。You can elect to require Azure AD for your customers, or not. 这样,应用程序的体系结构和基础结构就可以用来确定 Power BI 工作区集合要求的租户模型。As a result, the architecture of your application and infrastructure is what determines the tenancy model required for Power BI Workspace Collections.

开发人员/员工操作或创建应用程序时会需要具有 AAD 用户帐户才能通过 Azure 门户管理 Azure 订阅和工作区集合。Developers/employees working on or building your application needs to have an AAD user account when they are to manage your Azure Subscription and Workspace Collections via the Azure portal. 开发人员可以使用编程 API 导入报表、修改连接字符串、获取嵌入式 URL、改用应用令牌进行身份验证,因此无需使用 AAD。Programmatic APIs to enable developers to import reports, modify connection strings and get embed URLs leverage App Tokens for authentication instead, and as a result do not require an AAD.

可以从何处了解详细信息?Where can I learn more?

可以访问 Power BI 工作区集合文档页You can visit the Power BI Workspace Collections documentation page. 通过访问 Power BI 博客或通过访问 dev.powerbi.cn 上的 Power BI 开发人员中心,可以了解该服务的最新信息。You can stay up-to-date about this service by visiting the Power BI blog or by visiting the Power BI developer center at dev.powerbi.cn. 也可以在 Stackoverflow上提问。You can also ask questions at Stackoverflow.

如何开始?How do I get started?

可以立即开始体验免费版!You can get started for free now! 如果拥有 Azure 订阅,现在就可以直接从 Azure 门户预配 Power BI 工作区集合。If you have an Azure subscription, you can now provision Power BI Workspace Collections from the Azure portal directly. 也可以创建自己的 Azure 帐户You can also create your Azure account. 一旦 Power BI 工作区集合服务预配完毕,就可以直接轻松使用 Power BI REST API,或使用 GitHub 上提供的开发人员 SDK。Once you've provisioned the Power BI Workspace Collections service, you can easily use Power BI REST APIs directly, or use the developer SDK available on GitHub. 关于如何使用开发人员 SDK 提供的示例。Samples are provided on how to leverage the developer SDK.

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