Azure 认知搜索中的 AI 扩充文档资源Documentation resources for AI enrichment in Azure Cognitive Search

AI 扩充是基于索引器的索引的加载项,用于查找非文本源和无差别文本中的潜在信息,并将其转换为 Azure 认知搜索中的全文可搜索内容。AI enrichment is an add-on to indexer-based indexing that finds latent information in non-text sources and undifferentiated text, transforming it into full text searchable content in Azure Cognitive Search.

进行内置处理时,系统会在内部调用认知服务中预先训练的 AI 模型来执行分析。For built-in processing, the pre-trained AI models in Cognitive Services are called internally to perform the analyses. 你也可以使用 Azure 机器学习、Azure Functions 或其他方法来集成自定义模型。You can also integrate custom models using Azure Machine Learning, Azure Functions, or other approaches.

下面是 AI 扩充文档的综合列表。The following is a consolidated list of the documentation for AI enrichment.


动手演练Hands on walkthroughs

知识存储Knowledge stores

自定义技能(高级)Custom skills (advanced)

操作说明指南How-to guidance

技能参考Skills reference


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