Azure Defender 仪表板The Azure Defender dashboard

Azure Defender 仪表板提供:The Azure Defender dashboard provides:

  • 跨不同资源类型的 Azure Defender 覆盖范围的可见性Visibility into your Azure Defender coverage across your different resource types
  • 用于配置高级威胁防护功能的链接Links to configure advanced threat protection capabilities
  • 载入状态和代理安装The onboarding state and agent installation
  • Azure Defender 威胁检测警报Azure Defender threat detection alerts

若要访问 Azure Defender 仪表板,请从“安全中心”菜单的“云安全”部分中选择“Azure Defender”。To access the Azure Defender dashboard, select Azure Defender from the Cloud Security section of Security Center's menu.

仪表板上显示哪些内容?What's shown on the dashboard?

Azure Defender 仪表板示例

该仪表板包含以下部分:The dashboard includes the following sections:

  1. Azure Defender 覆盖范围 - 在这里,可以查看订阅中有资格受 Azure Defender 保护的资源类型。Azure Defender coverage - Here you can see the resources types that are in your subscription and eligible for protection by Azure Defender. 在相关的地方,都有升级的选项。Wherever relevant, you'll have the option to upgrade too. 如果要升级所有可能的符合条件的资源,请选择“升级全部”。If you want to upgrade all possible eligible resources, select Upgrade all.

  2. 安全警报 - 当 Azure Defender 区域检测到环境中任何区域出现威胁时,会生成警报。Security alerts - When Azure Defender detects a threat in any area of your environment, it generates an alert. 这些警报会描述受影响资源的详细信息、建议的修正步骤,在某些情况下还会提供触发逻辑应用作为响应的选项。These alerts describe details of the affected resources, suggested remediation steps, and in some cases an option to trigger a logic app in response. 在该图中选择任意位置将打开“安全警报”页面。Selecting anywhere in this graph opens the Security alerts page.

  3. 高级保护 - Azure Defender 包括针对虚拟机、SQL 数据库、容器、Web 应用程序、网络等的许多高级威胁防护功能。Advanced protection - Azure Defender includes many advanced threat protection capabilities for virtual machines, SQL databases, containers, web applications, your network, and more. 在此高级保护部分中,可以查看所选订阅中每种保护的资源状态。In this advanced protection section, you can see the status of the resources in your selected subscriptions for each of these protections. 选择其中任何一个可直接转到该保护类型的配置区域。Select any of them to go directly to the configuration area for that protection type.

  4. 见解 - 此滚动窗格包含新闻、推荐阅读和高优先级警报,提供安全中心有关你和你的订阅的紧迫性安全问题的见解。Insights - This rolling pane of news, suggested reading, and high priority alerts gives Security Center's insights into pressing security matters that are relevant to you and your subscription. 无论是通过漏洞分析工具在 VM 上发现的高严重性 CVE 列表,还是由安全中心团队成员发布的新博客文章,都可以在 Azure Defender 仪表板的“见解”窗格中找到。Whether it's a list of high severity CVEs discovered on your VMs by a vulnerability analysis tool, or a new blog post by a member of the Security Center team, you'll find it here in the Insights pane of your Azure Defender dashboard.

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本文介绍了 Azure Defender 仪表板。In this article, you learned about the Azure Defender dashboard.

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