Azure 安全中心的概述页面Azure Security Center's overview page

打开 Azure 安全中心时,首先显示的是概述页面。When you open Azure Security Center, the first page to appear is the overview page.

此交互式面板提供了有关安全警报和覆盖范围信息等的统一视图。This interactive dashboard provides a unified view into security alerts, coverage information, and more.

你可以选择该页上的任何元素以获取更多详细信息。You can select any element on the page to get more detailed information.


概述页面的功能Features of the overview page


顶部菜单栏提供:The top menu bar offers:

  • 订阅 - 可以通过选择此按钮来查看和筛选订阅列表。Subscriptions - You can view and filter the list of subscriptions by selecting this button. 安全中心会调整显示信息,以反映所选订阅的安全状况。Security Center will adjust the display to reflect the security posture of the selected subscriptions.
  • 已连接的云帐户的 高级编号,以显示下方主磁贴中的信息背景。High-level numbers for the connected cloud accounts, to show the context of the information in the main tiles below. 以及评估的资源、可用建议和安全警报的数量。As well as the number of assessed resources, active recommendations, and security alerts. 选择评估的资源编号以访问资产清单Select the assessed resources number to access Asset inventory.

页面中央有四个中心磁贴,每个磁贴都链接到专用面板以获取更多详细信息:In the center of the page are four central tiles, each linking to a dedicated dashboard for more details:

  • 安全分数 - 安全中心会持续评估资源、订阅和组织的安全问题。Secure score - Security Center continually assesses your resources, subscriptions, and organization for security issues. 然后,它将所有调查结果汇总成一个分数,让你可以一目了然地了解当前的安全状况:分数越高,识别出的风险级别就越低。It then aggregates all the findings into a single score so that you can tell, at a glance, your current security situation: the higher the score, the lower the identified risk level. 了解详细信息Learn more.
  • 合规性 - 安全中心会对你的 Azure 环境进行持续的评估,以便了解你的合规性情况。Regulatory compliance - Security Center provides insights into your compliance posture based on continuous assessments of your Azure environment. 安全中心根据安全最佳做法分析混合云环境中的风险因素。Security Center analyzes risk factors in your hybrid cloud environment according to security best practices. 这些评估会从支持的一组标准映射到符合性控件。These assessments are mapped to compliance controls from a supported set of standards. 了解详细信息Learn more.
  • Azure Defender - 这是集成到安全中心内的云工作负载保护平台 (CWPP),用于为 Azure 和混合工作负载提供高级的智能保护。Azure Defender - This is the cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) integrated within Security Center for advanced, intelligent protection of your Azure and hybrid workloads. 该磁贴显示(当前所选订阅)已连接资源的覆盖范围和最新的警报,并按严重性进行颜色编码。The tile shows the coverage of your connected resources (for the currently selected subscriptions) and the recent alerts, color-coded by severity. 了解详细信息Learn more.
  • 防火墙管理器 - 此磁贴显示 Azure 防火墙管理器中的中心和网络的状态。Firewall Manager - This tile shows the status of your hubs and networks from Azure Firewall Manager.

“见解”窗格为环境提供自定义项,包括:The Insights pane offers customized items for your environment including:

  • 受攻击最多的资源Your most attacked resources
  • 最可能增加安全分数的安全控件Your security controls that have the highest potential to increase your secure score
  • 受影响资源最多的活动建议The active recommendations with the most resources impacted
  • Azure 安全中心专家最近撰写的博客文章Recent blog posts by Azure Security Center experts

后续步骤Next steps

此页面介绍了安全中心概述页面。This page introduced the Security Center overview page. 如需相关信息,请参阅:For related information, see: