Azure 虚拟机的漏洞评估Vulnerability assessments for your Azure Virtual Machines

每个网络风险和安全计划的核心组成部分是识别和分析漏洞。A core component of every cyber risk and security program is the identification and analysis of vulnerabilities. Azure 安全中心的标准定价层包括免费对虚拟机进行漏洞扫描的功能。Azure Security Center's Standard pricing tier includes vulnerability scanning for your virtual machines at no extra cost. 此外,安全中心可以自动为你部署此工具。Additionally, Security Center can automatically deploy this tool for you. 此功能目前以预览版提供。This feature is currently in preview.

如果安全中心找不到安装在 VM 上的漏洞评估解决方案,则会提供以下两个建议之一:Security Center presents one of two recommendations if it doesn't find a vulnerability assessment solution installed on a VM:

  • 在虚拟机上启用内置漏洞评估解决方案(由 Qualys 提供支持) - 此建议仅适用于标准层。Enable the built-in vulnerability assessment solution on virtual machines (powered by Qualys) - This recommendation only appears standard tiers. 它邀请你免费安装 Azure 安全中心漏洞评估扩展(由 Qualys 提供支持)。It's an invitation to install an Azure Security Center Vulnerability Assessment extension (powered by Qualys) for you at no additional cost. 此扩展会直接向安全中心报告其发现结果。This extension reports its findings directly back to Security Center. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅适用于虚拟机的集成漏洞扫描程序To learn more, see Integrated vulnerability scanner for virtual machines.

  • 应在虚拟机上安装漏洞评估解决方案 - 此建议同时适用于标准层和免费层。Vulnerability assessment solution should be installed on your virtual machines - This recommendation appears for both standard and free tiers. 使用此建议安装任何受支持的合作伙伴解决方案。Use this recommendation to install any of the supported partner solutions. 需要为所选解决方案单独购买许可证。You'll need to purchase a license for your chosen solution separately. 受支持的解决方案会向合作伙伴的管理平台报告漏洞数据。Supported solutions report vulnerability data to the partner's management platform. 反过来,该管理平台也会向安全中心提供漏洞和运行状况监视数据。In turn, that platform provides vulnerability and health monitoring data back to Security Center. 可以在“安全中心”仪表板上标识有漏洞的 VM。You can identify vulnerable VMs on the Security Center dashboard. 直接从安全中心切换到合作伙伴管理控制台可以获取更多的报告和信息。Switch to the partner management console directly from Security Center for additional reports and information. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅部署合作伙伴漏洞扫描解决方案To learn more, see Deploying a partner vulnerability scanning solution.

安全中心还为以下项提供漏洞分析:Security Center also offers vulnerability analysis for your: