Azure 安全基准检验概述Overview of the Azure Security Benchmark

Azure 安全基准包含的建议可帮助你提高 Azure 上的应用程序和数据的安全性。The Azure Security Benchmark contains recommendations that help you improve the security of your applications and data on Azure.

此基准检验侧重于以云为中心的控制领域。This benchmark focuses on cloud-centric control areas. 这些控制与众所周知的安全基准检验(如 Internet 安全中心 (CIS) 控制版本 7.1 所述的那些基准检验)一致。These controls are consistent with well-known security benchmarks, such as those described by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls Version 7.1.

Azure 安全基准检验中使用了以下控制:The following controls are used in the Azure Security Benchmark:

你也可以下载 Azure 安全基准检验 v1 Excel 电子表格You can also download the Azure Security Benchmark v1 excel spreadsheet.

Azure 安全基准检验建议Azure Security Benchmark Recommendations

每项建议都包含以下信息:Each recommendation includes the following information:

  • Azure ID:与建议对应的 Azure 安全基准检验 ID。Azure ID: The Azure Security Benchmark ID that corresponds to the recommendation.
  • CIS ID:与此建议对应的 CIS 基准检验建议。CIS ID(s): The CIS Benchmark recommendation(s) that correspond to this recommendation.
  • 责任:客户和/或服务提供商是否负责实现此建议。Responsibility: Whether the customer or the service-provider (or both) is (are) responsible for implementing this recommendation. 安全责任将在公有云中共同分担。Security responsibilities are shared in the public cloud. 某些安全控制仅适用于云服务提供商,因此该提供商负责处理相关事项。Some security controls are only available to the cloud service provider and therefore the provider is responsible for addressing those. 这些是通常的看法 – 某些单独服务的责任不同于 Azure 安全基准检验中列出的责任。These are general observations � for some individual services, the responsibility will be different than what is listed in the Azure Security Benchmark. 单个服务的基线建议中介绍了这些差异。Those differences are described in the baseline recommendations for the individual service.
  • 详细信息:此建议的原理阐述,以及关于如何实现建议的指南的链接。Details: The rationale for the recommendation and links to guidance on how to implement it. 如果 Azure 安全中心支持此建议,这些信息也会列出。If the recommendation is supported by Azure Security Center, that information will also be listed.

我们欢迎你提供详细反馈并积极参与 Azure 安全基准检验工作。We welcome your detailed feedback and active participation in the Azure Security Benchmark effort. 若要向 Azure 安全基准检验团队提供直接意见,请填写 中的表单。if you would like to provide the Azure Security Benchmark team direct input, please fill out the form at

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