Azure Service Fabric 应用程序和群集最佳做法Azure Service Fabric application and cluster best practices

本文提供了有关管理 Azure Service Fabric 应用程序和群集的最佳做法的链接。This article provides links to best practices for managing Azure Service Fabric applications and clusters. 我们强烈建议你实施这些做法,以优化生产环境的可靠性。We highly recommend that you implement these practices to optimize the reliability of your production environment. 使用 Service Fabric 群集模板之一开始设计生产解决方案,或更新现有模板以纳入这些做法。Use one of the Service Fabric cluster templates to begin designing your production solution, or update your existing template to incorporate these practices.



计算规划和缩放Compute planning and scaling

基础结构即代码Infrastructure as code

应用程序设计Application design


实施前面几节中建议的做法后,请确保已将所有最佳做法集成到生产就绪情况核对清单中:After you implement the practices suggested in the previous sections, ensure that you've integrated all the best practices in the production readiness checklist:

后续步骤Next steps