Azure Spring Cloud 的配额和服务计划Quotas and Service Plans for Azure Spring Cloud

所有 Azure 服务都设置针对资源和功能的默认限制和配额。All Azure services set default limits and quotas for resources and features. Azure Spring Cloud 提供两个定价层:“基本”和“标准”。Azure Spring Cloud offers two pricing tiers: Basic and Standard. 本文将详细介绍这两个层的限制。We will detail limits for both tiers in this article.

Azure Spring Cloud 服务层级和限制Azure Spring Cloud service tiers and limits

资源Resource 基本Basic StandardStandard
vCPUvCPU 每个服务实例 1 个1 per service instance 每个服务实例 4 个4 per service instance
内存Memory 每个服务实例 2 GB2 GB per service instance 每个服务实例 8 GB8 GB per service instance
每个区域每个订阅的 Azure Spring Cloud 服务实例数Azure Spring Cloud service instances per region per subscription 1010 1010
每个 Azure Spring Cloud 服务实例的应用实例总数Total app instances per Azure Spring Cloud service instance 2525 500500
永久性卷Persistent volumes 1 GB/应用 x 10 个应用1 GB/app x 10 apps 50 GB/应用 x 10 个应用50 GB/app x 10 apps

后续步骤Next steps

某些默认限制可以提高。Some default limits can be increased. 如果你的设置要求提高默认限制,请创建支持请求If your setup requires an increase, create a support request.