azcopy jobs showazcopy jobs show

显示有关给定作业 ID 的详细信息。Shows detailed information for the given job ID.


如果仅提供不带标志的作业 ID,则返回作业的进度摘要。If only the job ID is supplied without a flag, then the progress summary of the job is returned.

运行此命令时显示的字节计数和完成百分比仅反映作业中已完成的文件。The byte counts and percent complete that appears when you run this command reflect only files that are completed in the job. 它们不反映部分完成的文件。They don't reflect partially completed files.

如果设置了 with-status 标志,则将显示作业中具有给定值的传输列表。If the with-status flag is set, then the list of transfers in the job with the given value will be shown.

azcopy jobs show [jobID] [flags]


选项Option 说明Description
-h、--help-h, --help 显示 show 命令的帮助内容。Shows help content for the show command.
--with-status 字符串--with-status string 仅列出具有此状态的作业传输,可用值:Started、Success、FailedOnly list the transfers of job with this status, available values: Started, Success, Failed

从父命令继承的选项Options inherited from parent commands

选项Option 说明Description
--cap-mbps float--cap-mbps float 以兆位/秒为单位限制传输速率。Caps the transfer rate, in megabits per second. 瞬间吞吐量可能与上限略有不同。Moment-by-moment throughput might vary slightly from the cap. 如果此选项设置为零,或者省略,则吞吐量不受限制。If this option is set to zero, or it is omitted, the throughput isn't capped.
--output-type string--output-type string 命令输出的格式。Format of the command's output. 选项包括:text、json。The choices include: text, json. 默认值为“text”。The default value is "text".
--trusted-microsoft-suffixes 字符串--trusted-microsoft-suffixes string 指定可在其中发送 Azure Active Directory 登录令牌的其他域后缀。Specifies additional domain suffixes where Azure Active Directory login tokens may be sent. 默认值为“;;;” 。The default is ';;;'. 此处列出的任何内容都会添加到默认值。Any listed here are added to the default. 为安全起见,应只在此处放置 Azure 域。For security, you should only put Azure domains here. 用分号分隔多个条目。Separate multiple entries with semi-colons.

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