azcopy load clfsazcopy load clfs

将本地数据传输到容器中,并以 Microsoft 的 Avere Cloud FileSystem (CLFS) 格式存储。Transfers local data into a Container and stores it in Microsoft's Avere Cloud FileSystem (CLFS) format.


load 命令将数据复制到 Azure Blob 存储容器中,然后以 Microsoft 的 Avere Cloud FileSystem (CLFS) 格式存储这些数据。The load command copies data into Azure Blob storage containers and then stores that data in Microsoft's Avere Cloud FileSystem (CLFS) format. 专有的 CLFS 格式由 Azure HPC 缓存和 Avere vFXT for Azure 产品使用。The proprietary CLFS format is used by the Azure HPC Cache and Avere vFXT for Azure products.

若要利用此命令,请通过以下方式安装必需的扩展:pip3 install clfsload~=1.0.23。To leverage this command, install the necessary extension via: pip3 install clfsload~=1.0.23. 请确保 在你的路径中。Make sure is in your PATH. 有关此步骤的详细信息,请访问 more information on this step, visit

此命令是用于将现有数据移动到云存储以供特定的 Microsoft 高性能计算缓存产品使用的简单选项。This command is a simple option for moving existing data to cloud storage for use with specific Microsoft high-performance computing cache products.

由于这些产品使用专有的云文件系统格式来管理数据,因此无法通过本机复制命令来加载这些数据。Because these products use a proprietary cloud filesystem format to manage data, that data cannot be loaded through the native copy command.

相反,必须通过缓存产品本身或通过此 load 命令加载数据,该命令使用正确的专有格式。Instead, the data must be loaded through the cache product itself or via this load command, which uses the correct proprietary format. 通过此命令可在不使用缓存的情况下传输数据。This command lets you transfer data without using the cache. 例如,在不增加缓存负载的情况下预填充存储或将文件添加到工作集中。For example, to pre-populate storage or to add files to a working set without increasing cache load.

目标为空的 Azure 存储容器。The destination is an empty Azure Storage Container. 传输完成后,目标容器可用于 Azure HPC 缓存实例,或 Avere vFXT for Azure 群集。When the transfer is complete, the destination container can be used with an Azure HPC Cache instance or Avere vFXT for Azure cluster.


这是 load 命令的预览版。This is a preview release of the load command. 请报告 AzCopy Github 存储库中的任何问题。Please report any issues on the AzCopy Github repo.

azcopy load clfs [local dir] [container URL] [flags]


使用 CLFS 格式的 SAS 将整个目录加载到容器:Load an entire directory to a container with a SAS in CLFS format:

azcopy load clfs "/path/to/dir" "https://[account][container]?[SAS]" --state-path="/path/to/state/path"


--compression-type 字符串 - 指定用于传输的压缩类型。--compression-type string specify the compression type to use for the transfers. 可用值为:DISABLEDLZ4Available values are: DISABLED,LZ4. (默认值为 LZ4(default LZ4)

--help - 获取 azcopy load clfs 命令的帮助。--help help for the azcopy load clfs command.

--log-level 字符串 - 定义日志文件的日志详细程度,可用级别:DEBUGINFOWARNINGERROR--log-level string Define the log verbosity for the log file, available levels: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR. (默认值为 INFO(default INFO)

--max-errors uint32 - 指定允许的最大传输失败数。--max-errors uint32 Specify the maximum number of transfer failures to tolerate. 如果出现足够多的错误,请立即停止作业。If enough errors occur, stop the job immediately.

--new-session - 启动一个新作业,而不是继续执行跟踪信息保存在 --state-path 的现有作业。--new-session Start a new job rather than continuing an existing one whose tracking information is kept at --state-path. (默认值为 true)(default true)

--preserve-hardlinks - 保持硬链接关系。--preserve-hardlinks Preserve hard link relationships.

--state-path 字符串 - 作业状态跟踪所需的本地目录路径。--state-path string Required path to a local directory for job state tracking. 此路径必须指向现有目录,才能恢复作业。The path must point to an existing directory in order to resume a job. 对于新作业,它必须为空。It must be empty for a new job.

从父命令继承的选项Options inherited from parent commands

选项Option 说明Description
--cap-mbps float--cap-mbps float 以兆位/秒为单位限制传输速率。Caps the transfer rate, in megabits per second. 瞬间吞吐量可能与上限略有不同。Moment-by-moment throughput might vary slightly from the cap. 如果此选项设置为零,或者省略,则吞吐量不受限制。If this option is set to zero, or it is omitted, the throughput isn't capped.
--output-type string--output-type string 命令输出的格式。Format of the command's output. 选项包括:text、json。The choices include: text, json. 默认值为“text”。The default value is "text".
--trusted-microsoft-suffixes 字符串--trusted-microsoft-suffixes string 指定可在其中发送 Azure Active Directory 登录令牌的其他域后缀。Specifies additional domain suffixes where Azure Active Directory login tokens may be sent. 默认值为“;;;” 。The default is ';;;'. 此处列出的任何内容都会添加到默认值。Any listed here are added to the default. 为安全起见,应只在此处放置 Azure 域。For security, you should only put Azure domains here. 用分号分隔多个条目。Separate multiple entries with semi-colons.

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