Azure VM 在将安全策略应用于系统时没有响应Azure VM is unresponsive while applying Security Policy to the system

本文提供了一些步骤来解决在 Azure VM 中应用安全策略时,操作系统挂起且无响应的问题。This article provides steps to resolve issues where the OS hangs and becomes unresponsive while it is applying a security policy in an Azure VM.


使用启动诊断查看 VM 的屏幕截图时,你将看到屏幕截图显示启动时操作系统卡住,并显示以下消息:When you use Boot diagnostics to view the screenshot of the VM, you will see that the screenshot displays the OS stuck while booting with the message:

“将安全策略应用于系统”。'Applying security policy to the system'.

Windows Server 2012 R2 启动屏幕卡住的屏幕截图。



此问题的可能原因有很多。There is a plethora of potential causes of this issue. 在执行内存转储分析之前,你将无法知道该源。You will not be able to know the source until after a memory dump analysis is performed.


流程概述Process Overview

  1. 创建和访问修复 VMCreate and Access a Repair VM

  2. 重新生成 VMRebuild the VM

  3. 收集内存转储文件Collect the Memory Dump File

创建并访问修复 VMCreate and Access a Repair VM

  1. 使用 VM 修复命令的步骤 1-3 来准备一个修复 VM。Use steps 1-3 of the VM Repair Commands to prepare a Repair VM.
  2. 使用远程桌面连接来连接到修复 VM。Use Remote Desktop Connection connect to the Repair VM.

重新生成 VMRebuild the VM

使用 VM 修复命令的步骤 5 重新装配 VM。Use step 5 of the VM Repair Commands to reassemble the VM.

收集内存转储文件Collect the Memory Dump File

若要解决此问题,需先收集故障的内存转储文件,然后使用此内存转储文件联系支持部门。To resolve this problem, you would need first to gather the memory dump file for the crash and contact support with the memory dump file. 若要收集转储文件,请执行以下步骤:To collect the dump file, follow these steps:

  1. 将 OS 磁盘附加到新的修复 VM:Attach the OS disk to a new Repair VM:

  2. 找到转储文件并提交支持票证:Locate the dump file and submit a support ticket:

    • 在修复 VM 上,转到附加的 OS 磁盘中的 Windows 文件夹。On the repair VM, go to windows folder in the attached OS disk. 如果分配给附加 OS 磁盘的驱动器号为 F,则需转到 F:\WindowsIf the driver letter that is assigned to the attached OS disk is F, you need to go to F:\Windows.
    • 找到 memory.dmp 文件,然后使用该内存转储文件提交支持票证Locate the memory.dmp file, and then submit a support ticket with the memory dump file.

后续步骤Next steps

如果在应用本地用户和组策略时遇到问题,请参阅应用组策略本地用户和组策略时,VM 无响应If you have issues when you apply Local Users and Groups policy see VM is unresponsive when applying Group Policy Local Users and Groups policy