Resolve errors for resource quotas

This article describes resource quota errors that might occur when you deploy resources with an Azure Resource Manager template (ARM template) or Bicep file.


If your template creates resources that exceed your Azure quotas, you might get the following error:

Message=Operation results in exceeding quota limits of Core.
Maximum allowed: 4, Current in use: 4, Additional requested: 2.

Or, you might see this error:

Message=Creating the resource of type <resource-type> would exceed the quota of <number>
resources of type <resource-type> per resource group. The current resource count is <number>,
please delete some resources of this type before creating a new one.


Quotas are applied per resource group, subscriptions, accounts, and other scopes. For example, your subscription might be configured to limit the number of vCPUs for a region. If you attempt to deploy a virtual machine with more vCPUs than the permitted amount, you receive an error that the quota was exceeded.

For quota information, see Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.

For Azure CLI, use the az vm list-usage command to find virtual machine quotas.

az vm list-usage --location "China East"

Which returns:

    "currentValue": 0,
    "limit": 2000,
    "name": {
      "localizedValue": "Availability Sets",
      "value": "availabilitySets"