How to cancel an Azure subscription for Enterprise Agreement customers


This article applies only to Enterprise Agreement customers.Learn how to become an Enterprise Agreement customer.

Subscriptions are resource pools through which Azure customers create services. You must create a subscription before you can deploy a service. You can edit the subscription properties, including the subscription name, service administrator, and co-administrator.You can also cancel your subscription at any time, depending on your business requirements. After you cancel the subscription, you can no longer access the services and resources that you deployed within the subscription, and the system immediately stops charging fees for the subscription.

This article explains the process of canceling a subscription and discusses the issues that you must pay attention to during the process.

To change the subscription configuration, sign in to the Azure portal as the account owner.

Prepare to cancel a subscription

  • Back up your databases. For example, if you have data that is stored in Azure or SQL, you should download a copy to prevent data loss. If you have a virtual machine, save an image of the virtual machine locally.
  • Shut down services. In the Azure portal, go to the cost management + billing page, and then stop all virtual machines, apps or other services that are currently running.
  • Migrate your data. If you have any problems migrating your data, contact 21Vianet for assistance with completing data migration.

Cancel a subscription in the Azure portal

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the Subscription page.

  2. Choose the subscription that you want to cancel, and then select Cancel subscription.

    The Cancel button

  3. Complete the process of canceling the subscription.

What happens after I cancel my subscription?

Here is what happens after you cancel your subscription: You are no longer charged.

The services are disabled. Additionally, any virtual machines are deallocated, temporary IP addresses are released, and storage operates only in read-only mode.

Your user data is retained for 90 days after the cancelation.During this period, you can access the data at any time. For more information, see Microsoft Trust Center - Privacy and Management.

Reactivate Subscription

For more information, see Reactivate a canceled subscription.

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