Microsoft 标识平台身份验证协议Microsoft identity platform authentication protocols

Microsoft 标识平台支持多个最广泛使用的身份验证和授权协议。Microsoft identity platform supports several of the most widely used authentication and authorization protocols. 本部分中的主题介绍 Microsoft 标识平台中支持的协议及其实现。The topics in this section describe the supported protocols and their implementation in Microsoft identity platform. 这些主题包括支持的声明类型的回顾、联合元数据的使用简介、详细的 OAuth 2.0.The topics included a review of supported claim types, an introduction to the use of federation metadata, detailed OAuth 2.0. 和 SAML 2.0 协议参考文档,以及故障排除部分。and SAML 2.0 protocol reference documentation, and a troubleshooting section.

身份验证协议文章和参考Authentication protocols articles and reference

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