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Sync Service Manager

排查与数据相关的问题时,“Metaverse 搜索”选项卡非常有用。The metaverse search tab is useful for troubleshooting data-related problems. 在上半部分,可以基于属性组合创建查询。In the top half, you can create a query based on a combination of attributes. 如果对查询结果满意,请单击“搜索”。When you are satisfied with your query, click Search. 结果显示在底部网格中。The result is visible in the bottom grid. 可以利用“列设置”来选择应显示的列。You can select which columns should be visible with Column Settings.

在搜索结果中,选择对象,然后选择“属性”查看 Metaverse 对象属性In the search results, select an object and Properties to see the metaverse object properties.

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