Azure AD Connect 同步:理解和自定义同步Azure AD Connect sync: Understand and customize synchronization

Azure Active Directory Connect 同步服务(Azure AD Connect 同步)是 Azure AD Connect 的一个主要组件。The Azure Active Directory Connect synchronization services (Azure AD Connect sync) is a main component of Azure AD Connect. 它负责在本地环境与 Azure AD 之间同步标识数据的所有相关操作。It takes care of all the operations that are related to synchronize identity data between your on-premises environment and Azure AD. Azure AD Connect 同步是 DirSync、Azure AD Sync 和 Forefront Identity Manager 的后继版本,同时配置了 Azure Active Directory 连接器。Azure AD Connect sync is the successor of DirSync, Azure AD Sync, and Forefront Identity Manager with the Azure Active Directory Connector configured.

本主题是 Azure AD Connect 同步(也称为同步引擎)的主页,其中列出了与其相关的所有其他主题的链接。This topic is the home for Azure AD Connect sync (also called sync engine) and lists links to all other topics related to it. 有关 Azure AD Connect 的链接,请参阅将本地标识与 Azure Active Directory 集成For links to Azure AD Connect, see Integrating your on-premises identities with Azure Active Directory.

同步服务包括两个组件,本地“Azure AD Connect 同步” 组件和 Azure AD 中称为 Azure AD Connect 同步服务的服务端组件。The sync service consists of two components, the on-premises Azure AD Connect sync component and the service side in Azure AD called Azure AD Connect sync service.

Azure AD Connect 同步主题Azure AD Connect sync topics

主题Topic 涵盖的内容和阅读时机What it covers and when to read
Azure AD Connect 同步基础知识Azure AD Connect sync fundamentals
了解体系结构Understanding the architecture 适合不熟悉同步引擎并想要深入了解所用体系结构和术语的人员。For those of you who are new to the sync engine and want to learn about the architecture and the terms used.
技术概念Technical concepts 精简版的体系结构主题,简要解释所用的术语。A short version of the architecture topic and briefly explains the terms used.
Azure AD Connect 的拓扑Topologies for Azure AD Connect 介绍同步引擎支持的各种拓扑和方案。Describes the different topologies and scenarios the sync engine supports.
自定义配置Custom configuration
再次运行安装向导Running the installation wizard again 介绍再次运行 Azure AD Connect 安装向导时可以使用的选项。Explains what options you have available when you run the Azure AD Connect installation wizard again.
了解声明性预配Understanding Declarative Provisioning 介绍称为“声明性预配”的配置模型。Describes the configuration model called declarative provisioning.
了解声明性预配表达式Understanding Declarative Provisioning Expressions 介绍声明性预配中使用的表达式语言的语法。Describes the syntax for the expression language used in declarative provisioning.
了解默认配置Understanding the default configuration 描述现成的规则和默认配置。Describes the out-of-box rules and the default configuration. 此外还描述规则如何一起工作,以供现成的方案使用。Also describes how the rules work together for the out-of-box scenarios to work.
了解用户和联系人Understanding Users and Contacts 延续前一个主题,说明用户和联系人的配置如何一起工作(尤其是在多林环境中)。Continues on the previous topic and describes how the configuration for users and contacts works together, in particular in a multi-forest environment.
如何更改默认配置How to make a change to the default configuration 逐步讲解如何对属性流做出常见的配置更改。Walks you through how to make a common configuration change to attribute flows.
更改默认配置的最佳做法Best practices for changing the default configuration 支持方面的限制,以及如何对现成配置进行更改。Support limitations and for making changes to the out-of-box configuration.
配置筛选Configure Filtering 介绍用于限制哪些对象要同步到 Azure AD 的各种选项,并逐步说明如何配置这些选项。Describes the different options for how to limit which objects are being synchronized to Azure AD and step-by-step how to configure these options.
功能和方案Features and scenarios
防止意外删除Prevent accidental deletes 介绍防止意外删除功能以及如何配置该功能。Describes the prevent accidental deletes feature and how to configure it.
计划程序Scheduler 介绍导入、同步和导出数据的内置计划程序。Describes the built-in scheduler, which is importing, synchronizing, and exporting data.
实现密码哈希同步Implement password hash synchronization 介绍密码同步的工作原理、实现方式,及其操作与故障排除方法。Describes how password synchronization works, how to implement, and how to operate and troubleshoot.
目录扩展Directory extensions 介绍如何使用自己的自定义属性扩展 Azure AD 架构。Describes how to extend the Azure AD schema with your own custom attributes.
同步服务Sync Service
Azure AD Connect 同步服务功能Azure AD Connect sync service features 介绍同步服务端,以及如何在 Azure AD 中更改同步设置。Describes the sync service side and how to change sync settings in Azure AD.
重复属性复原Duplicate attribute resiliency 介绍如何启用并使用 userPrincipalNameproxyAddresses 重复属性值复原。Describes how to enable and use userPrincipalName and proxyAddresses duplicate attribute values resiliency.
操作和 UIOperations and UI
Synchronization Service ManagerSynchronization Service Manager 介绍 Synchronization Service Manager UI,包括 操作连接器Metaverse 设计器Metaverse 搜索 选项卡。Describes the Synchronization Service Manager UI, including Operations, Connectors, Metaverse Designer, and Metaverse Search tabs.
操作任务和注意事项Operational tasks and considerations 描述操作注意事项,例如灾难恢复。Describes operational concerns, such as disaster recovery.
如何...How To...
重置 Azure AD 帐户Reset the Azure AD account 如何重置用于从 Azure AD Connect 同步连接到 Azure AD 的服务帐户凭据。How to reset the credentials of the service account used to connect from Azure AD Connect sync to Azure AD.
详细信息和参考资料More information and references
端口Ports 列出需要在同步引擎以及本地目录与 Azure AD 之间打开的端口。Lists which ports you need to open between the sync engine and your on-premises directories and Azure AD.
与 Azure Active Directory 同步的属性Attributes synchronized to Azure Active Directory 列出在本地 AD 与 Azure AD 之间同步的所有属性。Lists all attributes being synchronized between on-premises AD and Azure AD.
函数引用Functions Reference 列出声明性预配中可用的所有函数。Lists all functions available in declarative provisioning.

其他资源Additional Resources