Azure Analysis Services 示例Azure Analysis Services samples

使用以下示例资源可帮助了解 Analysis Services 并针对环境对其进行测试。Use the following sample resources to help you learn about and test Analysis Services for your environment.

代码示例Code samples

GitHub 上的 Analysis Services 存储库包含开放源代码示例和社区项目。The Analysis Services repository on GitHub includes open source code samples and community projects.

表格模型项目和数据库示例Tabular model project and database samples

GitHub 上用于 Analysis Services 的 Adventure Works 是最常用的示例表格模型项目。Adventure Works for Analysis Services on GitHub is the most commonly used sample tabular model project. 可以下载 VS 项目或已完成的示例表格模型数据库。You can download a VS project or a completed sample tabular model database.

Azure 上的示例数据库Sample database on Azure

Azure Synapse Analytics 提供了一个示例 AdventureWorksDW 数据库,它可包含在预配的资源中。Azure Synapse Analytics provides a sample AdventureWorksDW database that can be included in a provisioned resource. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅快速入门:在 Azure Synapse Analytics 中创建和查询专用 SQL 池To learn more, see Quickstart: Create and query a dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics .

GitHub 上的示例数据库Sample databases on GitHub

GitHub 上的这些示例数据库可用于创建和测试自己的模型。These sample databases on GitHub can be used for creating and testing your own models.

Adventure Works 示例数据库Adventure Works sample databases

Wide World Importers 示例数据库Wide World Importers sample databases

Azure 门户中的 Adventure Works Internet Sales 示例模型Adventure Works Internet Sales sample model in Azure portal

如果在 Azure 门户中设置 Analysis Services 服务器,可以快速并轻松地创建示例模型。If you have an Analysis Services server in Azure portal, you can quickly and easily create a sample model. 在 Azure 门户中的服务器概述页上,单击“新建模型” ,然后在“选择数据源” 中,选择“示例数据” 。In your server's overview page in Azure portal, click New model, and then in Choose a data source, select Sample data.

后续步骤Next steps

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