关于 Azure 应用服务中的移动应用 About Mobile Apps in Azure App Service


Visual Studio App Center 正在投资于对移动应用开发至关重要的新集成服务。Visual Studio App Center is investing in new and integrated services central to mobile app development. 开发人员可以使用生成测试分发服务来设置持续集成和交付管道。Developers can use Build, Test and Distribute services to set up Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline. 部署应用后,开发人员可以使用分析诊断服务监视其应用的状态和使用情况,并使用推送服务与用户互动。Once the app is deployed, developers can monitor the status and usage of their app using the Analytics and Diagnostics services, and engage with users using the Push service. 开发人员还可以利用 Auth 对用户进行身份验证,利用数据服务在云中持久保存和同步应用数据。Developers can also leverage Auth to authenticate their users and Data service to persist and sync app data in the cloud. 立即查看 App CenterCheck out App Center today.

Azure 应用服务是完全托管的平台即服务 (PaaS) 产品,适用于专业开发人员。Azure App Service is a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) offering for professional developers. 该服务为 Web、移动和集成方案提供丰富的功能集。The service brings a rich set of capabilities to web, mobile, and integration scenarios.

Azure 应用服务中的移动应用功能为企业开发人员和系统集成商提供高度可缩放、全局可用的移动应用程序开发平台。The Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service gives enterprise developers and system integrators a mobile-application development platform that's highly scalable and globally available.


为何使用移动应用?Why Mobile Apps?

移动应用功能用于:With the Mobile Apps feature, you can:

  • 生成本机和跨平台应用:无论是要生成本机 iOS、Android、Windows 应用还是跨平台 Xamarin 或 Cordova (PhoneGap) 应用,都可以通过本机 SDK 利用应用服务。Build native and cross-platform apps: Whether you're building native iOS, Android, and Windows apps or cross-platform Xamarin or Cordova (PhoneGap) apps, you can take advantage of App Service by using native SDKs.
  • 连接到企业系统:使用移动应用功能,可以在短时间内添加企业登录,连接到企业本地资源或云资源。Connect to your enterprise systems: With the Mobile Apps feature, you can add corporate sign-in in minutes, and connect to your enterprise on-premises or cloud resources.
  • 生成具有数据同步功能的可脱机应用: 生成可脱机运行的应用,在与任何企业数据源或软件即服务 (SaaS) API 建立连接时,使用移动应用在后台同步数据,提高移动工作者的生产力。Build offline-ready apps with data sync: Make your mobile workforce more productive by building apps that work offline, and use Mobile Apps to sync data in the background when connectivity is present with any of your enterprise data sources or software as a service (SaaS) APIs.
  • 在几秒内向数百万用户推送通知:在任何设备上使用实时推送通知与客户联系,根据客户需求个性化推送通知并适时发送。Push notifications to millions in seconds: Engage your customers with instant push notifications on any device, personalized to their needs, and sent when the time is right.

移动应用功能Mobile Apps features

以下功能对于支持云的移动开发十分重要:The following features are important to cloud-enabled mobile development:

  • 身份验证和授权:支持标识提供者,包括适用于企业身份验证的 Azure Active Directory,以及百度和 Microsoft 帐户等社交提供程序。Authentication and authorization: Support for identity providers, including Azure Active Directory for enterprise authentication, plus social providers such as Baidu and Microsoft accounts. 移动应用可为每个提供者提供 OAuth 2.0 服务。Mobile Apps offers an OAuth 2.0 service for each provider. 还可以为标识提供者集成 SDK,获取特定于提供者的功能。You can also integrate the SDK for the identity provider for provider-specific functionality.

    深入了解身份验证功能Discover more about the authentication features.

  • 数据访问:移动应用提供已链接到 Azure SQL 数据库或本地 SQL Server 且适合移动用途的 OData v3 数据源。Data access: Mobile Apps provides a mobile-friendly OData v3 data source that's linked to Azure SQL Database or an on-premises SQL server. 该服务可基于实体框架,因此可轻松地与其他 NoSQL 和 SQL 数据提供程序集成,包括 Azure 表存储、MongoDB、Azure Cosmos DB 和 SaaS API 提供程序(如 Office 365 和 Salesforce.com)。Because this service can be based on Entity Framework, you can easily integrate with other NoSQL and SQL data providers, including Azure Table storage, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, and SaaS API providers such as Office 365 and Salesforce.com.

  • 脱机同步:可以通过客户端 SDK 轻松地生成可靠、响应能力强且可与脱机数据集一起运行的移动应用程序。Offline sync: The client SDKs make it easy to build robust and responsive mobile applications that operate with an offline dataset. 可以让此数据集自动与后端数据(包括冲突解决方案支持)同步。You can sync this dataset automatically with the back-end data, including conflict-resolution support.

    深入了解数据功能Discover more about the data features.

  • 推送通知:客户端 SDK 与 Azure 通知中心的注册功能无缝集成,可将推送通知同时发送给数百万用户。Push notifications: The client SDKs integrate seamlessly with the registration capabilities of Azure Notification Hubs, so you can send push notifications to millions of users simultaneously.

    深入了解推送通知功能Discover more about the push notification features.

  • 客户端 SDK:提供整套客户端 SDK 来全面满足本机开发(iOSAndroidWindows)、跨平台开发(Xamarin.iOS 和 Xamarin.AndroidXamarin.Forms)和混合应用程序开发 (Apache Cordova) 要求。Client SDKs: There is a complete set of client SDKs that cover native development (iOS, Android, and Windows), cross-platform development (Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms), and hybrid application development (Apache Cordova). 每个客户端 SDK 附带 MIT 许可证,并且是开源的。Each client SDK is available with an MIT license and is open-source.

Azure 应用服务功能Azure App Service features

以下平台功能可用于移动生产站点:The following platform features are useful for mobile production sites:

  • 自动缩放:使用应用服务可以快速地进行纵向或横向扩展,以处理任何传入的客户负载。Autoscaling: With App Service, you can quickly scale up or scale out to handle any incoming customer load. 手动选择 VM 的数量和大小,或者设置自动缩放,根据负载或计划来缩放移动应用后端。Manually select the number and size of VMs, or set up autoscaling to scale your mobile-app back end based on load or schedule.

    深入了解自动缩放Discover more about autoscaling.

  • 过渡环境:应用服务可以运行多个版本的站点,用于执行 A/B 测试,在较大型 DevOps 计划中进行生产测试,以及对新后端执行现场过渡。Staging environments: App Service can run multiple versions of your site, so you can perform A/B testing, test in production as part of a larger DevOps plan, and do in-place staging of a new back end.

    深入了解 过渡环境Discover more about staging environments.

  • 持续部署:应用服务可与常用_源代码管理_ (SCM) 系统集成,方便你轻松部署新版后端。Continuous deployment: App Service can integrate with common source control management (SCM) systems, allowing you to easily deploy a new version of your back end.

    深入了解 部署选项Discover more about deployment options.

  • 虚拟网络:应用服务可以使用虚拟网络、Azure ExpressRoute 或混合连接与本地资源建立连接。Virtual networking: App Service can connect to on-premises resources by using virtual network, Azure ExpressRoute, or hybrid connections.

    了解有关虚拟网络的详细信息。Discover more about virtual networks.

后续步骤Next steps

若要开始在 Azure 应用服务中使用移动应用,请完成入门教程。To get started with Mobile Apps in Azure App Service, complete the getting started tutorial. 该教程介绍生成移动后端和所选客户端的基础知识,The tutorial covers the basics of producing a mobile back end and client of your choice. 并介绍集成身份验证、脱机同步和推送通知。It also covers integrating authentication, offline sync, and push notifications. 可以多次完成该教程,每个客户端应用程序一次。You can complete the tutorial multiple times, once for each client application.

有关移动应用的详细信息,请查看学习路线图For more information about Mobile Apps, review our learning map. 有关 Azure 应用服务平台的详细信息,请参阅 Azure 应用服务For more information about the Azure App Service platform, see Azure App Service.