Azure CLI 示例Azure CLI Samples

下表包含指向 Azure Functions 的 bash 脚本的链接,这些脚本使用 Azure CLI。The following table includes links to bash scripts for Azure Functions that use the Azure CLI.

创建应用Create app
在应用服务计划中创建 Function AppCreate a function app in an App Service plan 在专用应用服务计划中创建 Function App。Create a function app in a dedicated App Service plan.
创建 Function App 并连接到存储帐户Create a function app and connect to a storage account 创建 Function App 并将其连接到存储帐户。Create a function app and connect it to a storage account.
创建 Function App 并连接到 Azure Cosmos DBCreate a function app and connect to an Azure Cosmos DB 创建 Function App 并将其连接到 Azure Cosmos DB。Create a function app and connect it to an Azure Cosmos DB.
配置应用Configure app
将自定义域映射到 Function AppMap a custom domain to a function app 定义函数的自定义域。Define a custom domain for your functions.
将 SSL 证书绑定到 Function AppBind an SSL certificate to a function app 将函数的 SSL 证书上传到自定义域中。Upload SSL certificates for functions in a custom domain.