Application Insights 中的智能检测Smart Detection in Application Insights

当 Web 应用程序中存在潜在性能问题和故障异常时,智能检测会自动向你发出警告。Smart Detection automatically warns you of potential performance problems and failure anomalies in your web application. 它会对应用发送至 Application Insights 的遥测数据执行主动分析。It performs proactive analysis of the telemetry that your app sends to Application Insights. 如果失败率中存在骤升或者客户端或服务器性能中存在异常模式,将收到警报。If there is a sudden rise in failure rates, or abnormal patterns in client or server performance, you get an alert. 此功能不需要任何配置。This feature needs no configuration. 它会在应用程序发送足够的遥测时运行。It operates if your application sends enough telemetry.

可以从接收的电子邮件和“智能检测”边栏选项卡中访问智能检测发出的检测信息。You can access the detections issued by Smart Detection both from the emails you receive, and from the Smart Detection blade.

查看智能检测Review your Smart Detections

可通过以下两种方式发现检测:You can discover detections in two ways:

  • 收到来自 Application Insights 的电子邮件You receive an email from Application Insights. 下面是一个典型示例:Here's a typical example:


    单击大按钮以在门户中打开更多详细信息。Click the big button to open more detail in the portal.

  • Application Insights 中的“智能检测”边栏选项卡。The Smart Detection blade in Application Insights. 选择“调查”菜单下的“智能检测”以查看最近的检测列表 。Select Smart Detection under the Investigate menu to see a list of recent detections.


选择检测以查看其详细信息。Select a detection to see its details.

检测到哪些问题?What problems are detected?

智能检测可检测并通知各种问题,例如:Smart Detection detects and notifies about a variety of issues, such as:

(每个通知中的帮助链接可转到相关文章。)(The help links in each notification take you to the relevant articles.)

智能检测电子邮件通知Smart Detection email notifications

除了标为预览版的规则以外,所有智能检测规则都默认配置为在发现检测时发送电子邮件通知。All Smart Detection rules, except for rules marked as preview, are configured by default to send email notifications when detections are found.

可以通过打开智能检测“设置”边栏选项卡并选择规则(这将打开“编辑规则”边栏选项卡)来为特定的智能检测规则配置电子邮件通知。Configuring email notifications for a specific Smart Detection rule can be done by opening the Smart Detection Settings blade and selecting the rule, which will open the Edit rule blade.

另外,还可以使用 Azure 资源管理器模板来更改配置。Alternatively, you can change the configuration using Azure Resource Manager templates. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅使用 Azure 资源管理器模板管理 Application Insights 智能检测规则See Manage Application Insights smart detection rules using Azure Resource Manager templates for more details.

后续步骤Next steps

这些诊断工具可帮助检查应用中的遥测数据:These diagnostic tools help you inspect the telemetry from your app:

智能检测是完全自动执行的。Smart Detection is completely automatic. 但是或许你想要设置更多的警报?But maybe you'd like to set up some more alerts?