Azure Monitor 日志查询Azure Monitor log queries

Azure Monitor 日志在 Azure 数据资源管理器之上构建,Azure Monitor 日志查询使用同一 Kusto 查询语言的某个版本。Azure Monitor logs are built on Azure Data Explorer, and Azure Monitor log queries use a version of the same Kusto query language. Kusto 查询语言文档提供了该语言的完整详细信息,在编写 Azure Monitor 日志查询时,应将此文档用作主要参考资源。The Kusto query language documentation has all of the details for the language and should be your primary resource for writing Azure Monitor log queries. 本页提供了用于学习编写查询,以及该语言的 Azure Monitor 实现差异的其他资源的链接。This page provides links to other resources for learning how to write queries and on differences with the Azure Monitor implementation of the language.


本文最近已更新,从使用术语“Log Analytics”改为使用术语“Azure Monitor 日志”。This article was recently updated to use the term Azure Monitor logs instead of Log Analytics. 日志数据仍然存储在 Log Analytics 工作区中,并仍然由同一 Log Analytics 服务收集并分析。Log data is still stored in a Log Analytics workspace and is still collected and analyzed by the same Log Analytics service. 我们正在更新术语,以便更好地反映 Azure Monitor 中日志的角色。We are updating the terminology to better reflect the role of logs in Azure Monitor. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure Monitor 术语更改See Azure Monitor terminology changes for details.

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