Azure PowerShell 示例Azure PowerShell samples

下表包含指向 Azure 托管应用程序的脚本的链接,这些脚本使用 Azure PowerShell。The following table includes links to scripts for Azure Managed Applications that use the Azure PowerShell.

创建托管应用程序Create managed application 说明Description
创建托管应用程序定义Create managed application definition 在服务目录中创建托管应用程序定义。Creates a managed application definition in the service catalog.
部署托管应用程序Deploy managed application 从服务目录部署托管应用程序。Deploys a managed application from the service catalog.
更新托管资源组Update managed resource group 说明Description
获取托管资源组中的资源并重设 VM 大小Get resources in managed resource group and resize VMs 从托管资源组中获取资源并重设 VM 大小。Gets resources from the managed resource group, and resizes the VMs.