ARM 模板函数ARM template functions

本文介绍可以在 Azure 资源管理器 (ARM) 模板中使用的所有函数。This article describes all the functions you can use in an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. 若要了解如何在模板中使用函数,请参阅模板语法For information about using functions in your template, see template syntax.

若要创建自己的函数,请参阅用户定义函数To create your own functions, see User-defined functions.

大多数函数在部署到资源组、订阅、管理组或租户时工作方式相同。Most functions work the same when deployed to a resource group, subscription, management group, or tenant. 某些函数并非可以在所有范围内使用。A few functions can't be used in all scopes. 下表对这些函数进行了说明。They're noted in the lists below.

部署值函数Deployment value functions

Resource Manager 提供以下函数,用于从与部署相关的模板和值部分获取值:Resource Manager provides the following functions for getting values from sections of the template and values related to the deployment:

Resource functionsResource functions

Resource Manager 提供以下用于获取资源值的函数:Resource Manager provides the following functions for getting resource values:

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