Azure SQL Edge 发行说明Azure SQL Edge release notes

本文介绍每个新的 Azure SQL Edge 内部版本中的新增功能或已更改的内容。This article describes what's new and what has changed with every new build of Azure SQL Edge.

Azure SQL Edge 1.0.1Azure SQL Edge 1.0.1

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1553SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1553

新增功能What's new?

  • 允许在计算列中定义 Date_Bucket 表达式。Allow Date_Bucket expressions defined in computed columns.


  • 保留策略修补程序,用于删除启用了保留策略且具有无限超时的表Retention policy fix for dropping a table that has a retention policy enabled with an infinite timeout
  • DacFx 部署支持流式传输和保留策略功能DacFx deployment support for streaming features and retention-policy features
  • DacFx 部署修补程序,可启用从 SAS URL 中的嵌套文件夹进行部署的功能DacFx deployment fix to enable deployment from a nested folder in a SAS URL
  • 预测修补程序,用于支持错误消息中的长列名PREDICT fix to support long column names in error messages

Azure SQL Edge 1.0.0 (RTM)Azure SQL Edge 1.0.0 (RTM)

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1552SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1552

新增功能What's new?

  • 基于 Ubuntu 18.04 的容器映像Container images based on Ubuntu 18.04
  • 针对 PREDICT with ONNX 的可靠性改进Reliability improvements for PREDICT with ONNX
  • 支持基于数据保留策略的清理:Support for cleanup based on the data-retention policy:
    • 环形缓冲区支持用于故障排除的保留清理任务Ring buffer support for a retention cleanup task for troubleshooting
  • 新功能支持:New feature support:
    • 快速恢复Fast recovery
    • 自动优化查询Automatic tuning of queries
    • 并行执行方案Parallel-execution scenarios
  • 针对低功耗模式的节能改进Power-saving improvements for low-power mode
  • 流式处理新功能支持:Streaming new-feature support:
    • 快照窗口:新的窗口类型允许你对同时到达的事件进行分组。Snapshot windows: A new window type allows you to group by events that arrive at the same time.
    • TopOneCollectTop 可作为分析函数启用。TopOne and CollectTop can be enabled as analytic functions. 可以返回按你选择的列排序的记录。You can return records ordered by the column of your choice. 它们不一定要是窗口的一部分。They don't need to be part of a window.
    • MATCH_RECOGNIZE 的改进。Improvements to MATCH_RECOGNIZE.


  • 用于排查 T-SQL 流式处理操作问题的附加错误消息和详细信息Additional error messages and details for troubleshooting T-SQL streaming operations
  • 为了在空闲模式下维持电池寿命进行的改进Improvements to preserve battery life in idle mode
  • T-SQL 流式处理引擎修复:T-SQL streaming engine fixes:
    • 清理了已停止的流式处理作业Cleanup for stopped streaming jobs
    • 本地化修复项Fixes for localization
    • 改进了 Unicode 处理Improved Unicode handling
    • 提高了 SQL Edge T-SQL 流式处理的可调试性,允许用户从 get_streaming_job 查询作业失败错误Improved debugging for SQL Edge T-SQL streaming, allowing users to query job-failure errors from get_streaming_job
  • 基于数据保留策略的清理:Cleanup based on data-retention policy:
    • 修复了保留策略创建和清理方案Fixes for retention-policy creation and cleanup scenarios
  • 修复了后台计时器任务,以提高低功耗模式下的节能能力Fixes for background timer tasks to improve power savings for low-power mode

已知问题Known issues

  • 无法在计算列中使用 Date_Bucket T-SQL 函数。The Date_Bucket T-SQL function can't be used in a computed column.

CTP 2.3CTP 2.3

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1549SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1549

新增功能What's new?

  • 支持在 Date_Bucket() 函数中自定义原点Support for custom origins in the Date_Bucket() function
  • 在 SQL 部署中支持 BACPAC 文件Support for BACPAC files as part of SQL deployment
  • 支持基于数据保留策略的清理:Support for cleanup based on the data-retention policy:
    • DDL 支持启用保留策略DDL support for enabling the retention policy
    • 清理存储过程和后台清理任务Cleanup for stored procedures and the background cleanup task
    • 用于监视清理任务的扩展事件Extended events to monitor cleanup tasks


  • 用于排查 T-SQL 流式处理操作问题的附加错误消息和详细信息Additional error messages and details for troubleshooting T-SQL streaming operations
  • 为了在空闲模式下维持电池寿命进行的改进Improvements to preserve battery life in idle mode
  • T-SQL 流式处理引擎:T-SQL streaming engine:
    • 修复了子流跳跃窗口的卡水印问题Fix for stuck watermark in the substreamed hopping window
    • 修复了框架异常处理,以确保将其收集为用户可操作的错误Fix for framework exception handling to make sure it's collected as a user-actionable error

CTP 2.2CTP 2.2

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1546SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1546

新增功能What's new?

  • 支持非根容器Support for nonroot containers
  • 支持使用情况和诊断数据收集Support for the usage and diagnostic data collection
  • T-SQL 流式处理更新:T-SQL streaming updates:
    • 支持流对象名称的 Unicode 字符Support for Unicode characters for stream object names


  • T-SQL 流式处理更新:T-SQL streaming updates:
    • 进程清理改进Process cleanup improvements
    • 日志记录和诊断改进Logging and diagnostics improvements
  • 针对数据引入的性能改进Performance improvement for data ingestion

CTP 2.1CTP 2.1

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1545SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1545


  • 允许 PREDICT-with-ONNX 模型处理 ARM 中的 CPUID 问题Allowed the PREDICT-with-ONNX models to handle a CPUID issue in ARM
  • 改进了 T-SQL 流式处理启动时对故障路径的处理Improved handling of the failure path when T-SQL streaming starts
  • 更正了没有数据时作业指标中水印延迟的值。Corrected value of the watermark delay in job metrics when there's no data.
  • 修复了输出适配器在批之间具有可变架构时出现的问题Fix for an issue with the output adapter when the adapter has a variable schema between batches

CTP 2.0CTP 2.0

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1401SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1401

新增功能What's new?

  • 产品名称更新为 Azure SQL EdgeProduct name updated to Azure SQL Edge
  • Date_bucket 函数:Date_Bucket function:
    • 支持日期、时间和日期/时间类型Support for Date, Time, and DateTime types
    • RUNTIME 参数的 ONNX 要求ONNX requirement for the RUNTIME parameter
  • T-SQL 流式处理支持(受限预览版)T-SQL streaming support (limited preview)

已知问题Known issues

  • 问题:如果在启动时应用 DACPAC,可能会因计时问题而出现故障。Issue: Potential failures with applying DACPAC on startup because of a timing issue.
  • 解决方法:请重新启动 SQL Server。Workaround: Restart SQL Server. 否则,容器将重试应用 DACPAC。Otherwise, the container will retry applying the DACPAC.

请求支持Request support

可以在支持页面上请求支持。You can request support on the support page. 选择以下字段:Select the following fields:

  • 问题类型技术Issue type: Technical
  • 服务IoT EdgeService: IoT Edge
  • 问题类型:我的问题与 IoT Edge 模块相关Problem type: My problem relates to an IoT Edge module
  • 问题子类型:Azure SQL EdgeProblem subtype: Azure SQL Edge


CTP 1.5CTP 1.5

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1331SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1331

新增功能What's new?

  • Date_bucket 函数:Date_Bucket function:
    • 支持 DateTimeOffset 类型Support for the DateTimeOffset type
  • PREDICT with ONNX 模型:PREDICT with ONNX models:
    • NVARCHAR 支持NVARCHAR support

CTP 1.4CTP 1.4

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1247SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1247

新增功能What's new?

  • PREDICT with ONNX 模型:PREDICT with ONNX models:

    • VARCHAR 支持VARCHAR support
    • 迁移到 ONNX 运行时版本 1.0Migration to ONNX runtime version 1.0
  • 启用了以下功能:The following features are enabled:

    • CDC 支持CDC support
    • 带压缩功能的历史记录表History table with compression
    • 提高预读日志的比例因子A higher-scale factor for log read-ahead
    • 批处理模式 ES 筛选器下推Batch mode ES filter pushdown
    • 预读优化Read-ahead optimizations

CTP 1.3CTP 1.3

SQL 引擎内部版本 15.0.2000.1147SQL engine build 15.0.2000.1147

新增功能What's new?

  • Azure IOT 门户部署:Azure IoT portal deployment:
    • 支持部署 AMD64 和 ARM 映像Support for deploying AMD64 and ARM images
    • 支持创建流式处理作业Support for streaming job creation
    • DACPAC 部署DACPAC deployment
  • PREDICT with ONNX 模型:PREDICT with ONNX models:
    • 数值类型支持Numeric type support
  • 启用了以下功能:The following features are enabled:
    • 将聚合下推到列存储扫描Pushdown aggregate to column store scan
    • 旋转木马式扫描Merry-go-round scans
  • 占用空间和内存消耗缩减工作Footprint and memory-consumption reduction work