Azure Stack Hub 上的 Azure 应用服务和 Azure Functions 概述Azure App Service and Azure Functions on Azure Stack Hub overview

Azure Stack Hub 上的 Azure 应用服务是 Azure 的一种可用于 Azure Stack Hub 的平台即服务 (PaaS) 套餐。Azure App Service on Azure Stack Hub is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering from Azure available on Azure Stack Hub. 该服务可让你的内部或外部客户为任何平台或设备创建 Web 应用、API 应用和 Azure Functions 应用。The service enables your internal or external customers to create web, API, and Azure Functions apps for any platform or device. 他们可以将你的应用与本地应用集成,并可实现业务流程的自动化。They can integrate your apps with on-premises apps and automate their business processes. Azure Stack Hub 云操作员可以在完全托管的虚拟机 (VM) 上,使用他们选择的共享 VM 资源或专用 VM 运行客户的应用。Azure Stack Hub cloud operators can run customer apps on fully managed virtual machines (VMs) with their choice of shared VM resources or dedicated VMs.

使用 Azure 应用服务可以自动执行业务流程和托管云 API。Azure App Service enables you to automate business processes and host cloud APIs. Azure 应用服务作为单个集成服务,允许用户将各种组件(例如网站、REST API 和业务流程)组合到单个解决方案中。As a single integrated service, Azure App Service lets you combine various components (like websites, REST APIs, and business processes) into a single solution.

为什么在 Azure Stack Hub 上提供 Azure 应用服务?Why offer Azure App Service on Azure Stack Hub?

下面是 Azure 应用服务的某些主要特性和功能:Here are some key features and capabilities of Azure App Service:

  • 多种语言和框架:Azure 应用服务为 ASP.NET、Node.js、Java、PHP 和 Python 提供一流支持。Multiple languages and frameworks: Azure App Service has first-class support for ASP.NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, and Python. 也可以在应用服务 VM 上运行 Windows PowerShell 和其他脚本或可执行文件。You can also run Windows PowerShell and other scripts or executables on App Service VMs.
  • DevOps 优化:使用 GitHub、本地 Git 或 BitBucket 设置持续集成和部署。DevOps optimization: Set up continuous integration and deployment with GitHub, local Git, or BitBucket. 通过测试和过渡环境推广更新,并使用 Azure PowerShell 或跨平台命令行接口 (CLI) 在应用服务中管理应用。Promote updates through test and staging environments, and manage your apps in App Service by using Azure PowerShell or the cross-platform command-line interface (CLI).
  • Visual Studio 集成:Visual Studio 中的专用工具可简化创建和部署应用的工作。Visual Studio integration: Dedicated tools in Visual Studio streamline the work of creating and deploying apps.

应用服务中的应用类型App types in App Service

应用服务提供多种应用类型,每种类型负责托管特定的工作负荷:App Service offers several app types, each of which is intended to host a specific workload:

“应用”一词是指专用于运行工作负荷的托管资源。The word app refers to the hosting resources dedicated to running a workload. 以 Web 应用为例,你可能习惯于将 Web 应用视为计算资源和应用代码,二者共同向浏览器提供功能。Taking web app as an example, you're probably accustomed to thinking of a web app as both the compute resources and app code that together deliver functionality to a browser. 在 Azure 应用服务中,Web 应用是 Azure Stack Hub 提供的用于托管应用代码的计算资源。In Azure App Service, a web app is the compute resource that Azure Stack Hub provides for hosting your app code.

应用可以由多个不同类型的应用服务应用组成。Your app can be composed of multiple App Service apps of different kinds. 例如,如果应用由 Web 前端和 REST API 后端组成,则可以:For example, if your app is composed of a web front end and a REST API back end, you can:

  • 将两者(前端和 API)部署到单个 Web 应用。Deploy both (front end and API) to a single web app.

  • 将前端代码部署到 Web 应用,将后端代码部署到 API 应用。Deploy your front-end code to a web app and your back-end code to an API app.

    使用监视数据的应用服务概述App Service overview with monitoring data

什么是应用服务计划?What is an App Service plan?

应用服务资源提供程序使用 Azure 应用服务所用的相同代码,因此两者具有一些共同的概念。The App Service resource provider uses the same code that Azure App Service uses, and thus shares some common concepts. 在应用服务中,应用的定价容器称为应用服务计划。In App Service, the pricing container for apps is called the App Service plan. 它表示一组用来保存应用的专用 VM。It represents the set of dedicated VMs used to hold your apps. 在一个给定订阅中,你可以有多个应用服务计划。Within a given subscription, you can have multiple App Service plans.

在 Azure 中,有共享辅助角色和专用辅助角色。In Azure, there are shared and dedicated workers. 共享辅助角色支持高密度的多租户应用托管,并且只有一组共享辅助角色。A shared worker supports high-density and multi-tenant app hosting, and there's only one set of shared workers. 专用服务器只由一个租户使用,有三种大小:小型、中型和大型。Dedicated servers are used by only one tenant and come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. 使用这些术语并非总是能够描述本地客户需求。The needs of on-premises customers can't always be described by using those terms. 在 Azure Stack Hub 上的应用服务中,资源提供程序管理员会定义他们想要提供的辅助角色层。In App Service on Azure Stack Hub, resource provider admins define the worker tiers they want to make available. 根据自己的独特托管需求,你可以定义多组共享辅助角色或不同组的专用辅助角色。Based on your unique hosting needs, you can define multiple sets of shared workers or different sets of dedicated workers. 使用这些辅助角色层定义,他们随后可以定义自己的定价 SKU。By using those worker-tier definitions, they can then define their own pricing SKUs.

门户功能Portal features

Azure Stack Hub 上的 Azure 应用服务使用 Azure 应用服务所用的相同用户界面,Azure App Service on Azure Stack Hub uses the same user interface that Azure App Service uses. 这同样适用于后端。The same is true with the back end. 但是,某些功能在 Azure Stack Hub 中已禁用。However, some features are disabled in Azure Stack Hub. 目前,Azure 特定的预期或这些功能需要的服务在 Azure Stack Hub 中尚不可用。The Azure-specific expectations or services that those features require aren't currently available in Azure Stack Hub.

后续步骤Next steps

还可以试用其他平台即服务 (PaaS) 服务,如 SQL Server 资源提供程序MySQL 资源提供程序You can also try out other platform as a service (PaaS) services, such as the SQL Server resource provider and the MySQL resource provider.