Azure Stack Hub 存储:差异和注意事项Azure Stack Hub storage: Differences and considerations

Azure Stack Hub 存储是 Azure Stack Hub 中的一组存储云服务。Azure Stack Hub storage is the set of storage cloud services in Azure Stack Hub. Azure Stack Hub 存储使用与 Azure 一致的语义来提供 Blob、表、队列和帐户管理功能。Azure Stack Hub storage provides blob, table, queue, and account management functionality with Azure-consistent semantics.

本文汇总了 Azure Stack Hub 存储与 Azure 存储服务之间的已知差异。This article summarizes the known Azure Stack Hub Storage differences from Azure Storage services. 它还列出了部署 Azure Stack Hub 时要考虑的事项。It also lists things to consider when you deploy Azure Stack Hub. 若要了解全球 Azure 与 Azure Stack Hub 之间的大致差异,请参阅重要注意事项一文。To learn about high-level differences between global Azure and Azure Stack Hub, see the Key considerations article.

速查表:存储差异Cheat sheet: Storage differences

功能Feature Azure(中国)Azure (China) Azure Stack HubAzure Stack Hub
文件存储File storage 支持基于云的 SMB 文件共享。Cloud-based SMB file shares supported. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
静态数据的 Azure 存储服务加密Azure storage service encryption for data at Rest 256 位 AES 加密。256-bit AES encryption. 支持在密钥保管库中使用客户管理的密钥进行加密。Support encryption using customer-managed keys in Key Vault. BitLocker 128 位 AES 加密。BitLocker 128-bit AES encryption. 不支持使用客户托管密钥进行加密。Encryption using customer-managed keys isn't supported.
存储帐户类型Storage account type 常规用途 V1、V2 和 Blob 存储帐户。General-purpose V1, V2, and Blob storage accounts. 仅常规用途 V1。General-purpose V1 only.
复制选项Replication options 本地冗余存储、异地冗余存储和读取访问异地冗余存储Locally redundant storage, geo-redundant storage, and read-access geo-redundant storage 本地冗余存储。Locally redundant storage.
高级存储Premium storage 提供高性能和低延迟的存储。Provide high-performance and low-latency storage. 仅支持高级存储帐户中的页 blob。Only support page blobs in premium storage accounts. 可预配,但无性能限制或保证。Can be provisioned, but no performance limit or guarantee. 不会在高级存储帐户中阻止使用块 blob、追加 blob、表和队列。Wouldn't block using block blobs, append blobs, tables, and queues in premium storage accounts.
托管磁盘Managed disks 支持高级和标准版。Premium and standard supported. 使用版本 1808 或更高版本时支持。Supported when you use version 1808 or later.
Blob 名称Blob name 1,024 个字符(2,048 个字节)。1,024 characters (2,048 bytes). 880 个字符(1,760 个字节)。880 characters (1,760 bytes).
块 Blob 大小上限Block blob max size 4.75 TB(100 MB X 50,000 块)。4.75 TB (100 MB X 50,000 blocks). 4.75 TB(100 MB x 50,000 块),适用于 1802 更新或更高版本。4.75 TB (100 MB x 50,000 blocks) for the 1802 update or newer version. 50,000 X 4 MB(约 195 GB),适用于以前的版本。50,000 X 4 MB (approximately 195 GB) for previous versions.
页 Blob 快照复制Page blob snapshot copy 支持备份已附加到运行中 VM 的 Azure 非托管 VM 磁盘。Backup Azure unmanaged VM disks attached to a running VM supported. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
页 Blob 增量快照复制Page blob incremental snapshot copy 支持高级和标准 Azure 页 Blob。Premium and standard Azure page blobs supported. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
页 Blob 计费Page blob billing 独立页面不管是在 Blob 中还是快照中都会产生费用。Charges are incurred for unique pages, whether they're in the blob or in the snapshot. 在更新基 Blob 之前,不会对与 Blob 关联的快照额外收费。Wouldn't incur additional charges for snapshots associated with a blob until base blob being updated. 收费针对基 Blob 及关联的快照。Charges are incurred for base blob and associated snapshots. 会对每个单独的快照额外收费。Would incur additional charges for each individual snapshot.
适用于 Blob 存储的存储层Storage tiers for blob storage 热存储层、冷存储层和存档存储层。Hot, cool, and archive storage tiers. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
适用于 Blob 存储的软删除Soft delete for blob storage 正式发布版。General available. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
页 Blob 大小上限Page blob max size 8 TB。8 TB. 1 TB。1 TB.
页 Blob 页面大小Page blob page size 512 字节。512 bytes. 4 KB。4 KB.
表分区键和行键大小Table partition key and row key size 1,024 个字符(2,048 个字节)。1,024 characters (2,048 bytes). 400 个字符(800 个字节)。400 characters (800 bytes).
Blob 快照Blob snapshot 一个 blob 的最大快照数不受限制。The max number of snapshots of one blob isn't limited. 一个 blob 的最大快照数为 1,000。The max number of snapshots of one blob is 1,000.
用于存储的 Azure AD 身份验证Azure AD Authentication for storage 处于预览状态。In preview. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
不可变 BlobImmutable Blobs 正式发布版。General available. 使用版本 2008 或更高版本时支持。Supported when you use version 2008 or later.
Blob 存储的 Batch APIBatch API for Blob Storage 处于预览状态。In preview. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.
针对存储的防火墙和虚拟网络规则Firewall and virtual network rules for storage 正式发布版。General available. 尚不支持。Not yet supported.

存储指标也有一些差异:There are also differences with storage metrics:

  • 存储指标中的事务数据不区分内部或外部网络带宽。The transaction data in storage metrics doesn't differentiate internal or external network bandwidth.
  • 存储指标中的事务数据不包含虚拟机对所装载的磁盘的访问。The transaction data in storage metrics doesn't include virtual machine access to the mounted disks.

API 版本API version

使用 Azure Stack Hub 存储时支持以下版本:The following versions are supported with Azure Stack Hub Storage:

Azure 存储服务 API:Azure Storage services APIs:

2008 更新或更高版本:2008 update or newer versions:

2005 更新:2005 update:

以前的版本:Previous versions:

Azure 存储服务管理 API:Azure Storage services management APIs:

2008 更新或更高版本:2008 update or newer versions:

1811 更新到 2005 更新:1811 update to 2005 update:

以前的版本:Previous versions:

PowerShell 版本PowerShell version

对于存储模块 PowerShell,请了解与 REST API 兼容的版本。For the storage module PowerShell, be aware of the version that's compatible with the REST API.

模块Module 支持的版本Supported version 使用情况Usage
Azure.StorageAzure.Storage 管理 Azure Stack Hub 存储帐户中的 blob、队列和表。Manages blobs, queues, tables in Azure Stack Hub storage accounts.
Az.StorageAz.Storage 在 Azure Stack Hub 中创建和管理存储帐户。Creates and manages storage accounts in Azure Stack Hub.

有关 Azure Stack Hub 支持的存储客户端库的详细信息,请参阅:Azure Stack Hub 存储开发工具入门For more information about Azure Stack Hub supported storage client libraries, see: Get started with Azure Stack Hub storage development tools.

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