什么是 Azure 认知服务?What are Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure 认知服务是具有 REST API 和客户端库 SDK 的基于云的服务,可用于帮助你将认知智能构建到应用程序中。Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based services with REST APIs and client library SDKs available to help you build cognitive intelligence into your applications. 即使你没有人工智能 (AI) 或数据科学技能,也可向应用程序添加认知功能。You can add cognitive features to your applications without having artificial intelligence (AI) or data science skills. Azure 认知服务包含各种 AI 服务,让你能够构建可以看、听、说、理解,甚至可以决策的认知解决方案。Azure Cognitive Services comprise various AI services that enable you to build cognitive solutions that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even make decisions.

认知服务类别Categories of Cognitive Services

提供认知理解功能的认知服务主要分为五大类:The catalog of cognitive services that provide cognitive understanding are categorized into five main pillars:

  • 影像Vision
  • 语音Speech
  • 语言Language
  • 决策Decision

本文的以下部分提供了属于这四大类的服务的列表。The following sections in this article provides a list of services that are part of these four pillars.

视觉 APIVision APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
计算机视觉Computer Vision 使用计算机视觉服务,你可以访问用于处理图像并返回信息的高级认知算法。The Computer Vision service provides you with access to advanced cognitive algorithms for processing images and returning information. 请参阅计算机视觉快速入门,了解如何开始服务。See Computer Vision quickstart to get started with the service.
人脸Face 使用人脸服务可访问高级人脸算法,从而实现人脸属性检测和识别。The Face service provides access to advanced face algorithms, enabling face attribute detection and recognition. 请参阅人脸快速入门,了解如何开始服务。See Face quickstart to get started with the service.

语音 APISpeech APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
语音服务Speech service 语音服务将支持语音的功能添加到应用程序。Speech service adds speech-enabled features to applications. 语音服务包括各种功能,如语音到文本、文本到语音以及语音翻译等。Speech service includes various capabilities like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and many more.

语言 APILanguage APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
语言理解 LUISLanguage Understanding LUIS 语言理解 (LUIS) 是一种基于云的对话式 AI 服务,可在用户对话的自然语言文本中应用自定义机器学习智能,以便预测整体含义并提炼出相关的详细信息。Language Understanding (LUIS) is a cloud-based conversational AI service that applies custom machine-learning intelligence to a user's conversational, natural language text to predict overall meaning, and pull out relevant, detailed information. 请参阅人脸快速入门,了解如何开始服务。See LUIS quickstart to get started with the service.
文本分析Text Analytics 文本分析提供对原始文本的自然语言处理,用于情绪分析、关键短语提取和语言检测。Text Analytics provides natural language processing over raw text for sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and language detection. 请参阅文本分析快速入门 ,了解如何开始服务。See Text Analytics quickstart to get started with the service.
翻译Translator “翻译”近乎实时地提供基于机器的文本翻译。Translator provides machine-based text translation in near real-time.

决策 APIDecision APIs

服务名称Service Name 服务说明Service Description
内容审查器Content Moderator 内容审查器监视可能的冒犯性、不可取和危险内容。Content Moderator provides monitoring for possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content. 请参阅内容审查器快速入门,了解如何开始服务。See Content Moderator quickstart to get started with the service.
指标顾问(预览版)Metrics Advisor (Preview) 指标顾问提供可自定的多变量时序数据义异常情况检测,并提供一个功能齐全的 Web 门户来帮助使用该服务。Metrics Advisor provides customizable anomaly detection on multi-variate time series data, and a fully featured web portal to help you use the service. 请参阅指标顾问快速入门,了解如何开始服务。See Metrics Advisor quickstart to get started with the service.

认知服务入门Get started with Cognitive Services

首先,让我们使用以下方法,通过实操性快速入门创建认知服务资源:Start by creating a Cognitive Services resource with hands-on quickstarts using the following methods:

在不同的开发环境中使用认知服务Using Cognitive Services in different development environments

通过 Azure 和认知服务,可以访问若干开发选项,例如:With Azure and Cognitive Services, you have access to several development options, such as:

  • 自动化和集成工具,例如逻辑应用和 Power Automate。Automation and integration tools like Logic Apps and Power Automate.
  • 部署选项,例如 Azure Functions 和应用服务。Deployment options such as Azure Functions and the App Service.
  • 用于安全访问的认知服务 Docker 容器。Cognitive Services Docker containers for secure access.

若要了解详细信息,请参阅认知服务开发选项To learn more, see Cognitive Services development options.

安全地使用认知服务Using Cognitive Services securely

Azure 认知服务提供了分层的安全模型,包括通过 Azure Active Directory 凭据进行的身份验证、有效的资源密钥以及 Azure 虚拟网络Azure Cognitive Services provides a layered security model, including authentication via Azure Active Directory credentials, a valid resource key, and Azure Virtual Networks.

认知服务的容器Containers for Cognitive Services

Azure 认知服务提供了多个 Docker 容器,可让你在本地使用 Azure 中提供的相同 API。Azure Cognitive Services provides several Docker containers that let you use the same APIs that are available in Azure, on-premises. 借助这些容器,你能够灵活地将认知服务移至更接近你的数据的位置,以满足合规性、安全性或其他操作目的。Using these containers gives you the flexibility to bring Cognitive Services closer to your data for compliance, security or other operational reasons. 详细了解认知服务容器Learn more about Cognitive Services Containers.

区域可用性Regional availability

认知服务中的 API 托管在不断扩大的 Azure 托管数据中心网络上。The APIs in Cognitive Services are hosted on a growing network of Azure-managed data centers. 你可以在 Azure 区域列表中找到每个 API 的区域可用性。You can find the regional availability for each API in Azure region list.

支持的区域性语言Supported cultural languages

认知服务在服务级别支持各种区域性语言。Cognitive Services supports a wide range of cultural languages at the service level. 可以在支持的语言列表中找到每个 API 的语言可用性。You can find the language availability for each API in the supported languages list.

认证和合规性Certifications and compliance

认知服务已获得 CSA STAR 认证、FedRAMP 中等 和HIPAA BAA 等认证。Cognitive Services has been awarded certifications such as CSA STAR Certification, FedRAMP Moderate, and HIPAA BAA. 可以下载认证进行自己的审核和安全评审。You can download certifications for your own audits and security reviews.

若要了解隐私和数据管理,请访问信任中心To understand privacy and data management, go to the Trust Center.


认知服务提供若干支持选项,可帮助你继续创建智能应用程序。Cognitive Services provides several support options to help you move forward with creating intelligent applications. 认知服务还有一个强大的开发人员社区,可以帮助回答你的特定问题。Cognitive Services also has a strong community of developers that can help answer your specific questions. 有关你可以使用的选项的完整列表,请参阅认知服务支持和帮助选项For a full list of options available to you, see Cognitive Services support and help options.

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