RE2 语法RE2 syntax

RE2 正则表达式语法描述 Kusto (re2) 使用的正则表达式库的语法。RE2 regular expression syntax describes the syntax of the regular expression library used by Kusto (re2). Kusto 中有一些函数使用正则表达式执行字符串匹配、选择和提取There are a few functions in Kusto that perform string matching, selection, and extraction by using a regular expression

Kusto 支持的正则表达式语法是 re2 库的语法。The regular expression syntax supported by Kusto is that of the re2 library. 这些表达式必须在 Kusto 中编码为 string 文本,Kusto 的所有字符串引用规则都适用。These expressions must be encoded in Kusto as string literals, and all of Kusto's string quoting rules apply. 例如,正则表达式 \A 匹配一行的开头,并且在 Kusto 中指定为字符串文本 "\\A"(请注意“额外的”反斜杠 (\) 字符)。For example, the regular expression \A matches the beginning of a line, and is specified in Kusto as the string literal "\\A" (note the "extra" backslash (\) character).