Azure 事件网格中的事件处理程序Event handlers in Azure Event Grid

事件处理程序是发送事件的位置。An event handler is the place where the event is sent. 处理程序将执行一些进一步的操作来处理事件。The handler takes some further action to process the event. 会自动将多个 Azure 服务配置为处理事件。Several Azure services are automatically configured to handle events. 也可以使用任意 Webhook 来处理事件。You can also use any webhook for handling events. Webhook 不需要托管在 Azure 中来处理事件。The webhook doesn't need to be hosted in Azure to handle events. 事件网格仅支持 HTTPS Webhook 终结点。Event Grid only supports HTTPS webhook endpoints.

支持的事件处理程序Supported event handlers

下面是支持的事件处理程序:Here are the supported event handlers:

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