ExpressRoute 线路预配工作流和线路状态ExpressRoute workflows for circuit provisioning and circuit states

本页从较高层面引导完成服务预配和路由配置工作流。This page walks you through the service provisioning and routing configuration workflows at a high level.

下图和相应的步骤概述了用于端到端预配 ExpressRoute 线路的任务。The following figure and corresponding steps outline the tasks to provision an ExpressRoute circuit end-to-end.

  1. 使用 PowerShell 配置 ExpressRoute 线路。Use PowerShell to configure an ExpressRoute circuit. 有关更多详细信息,请遵循创建 ExpressRoute 线路一文中的说明。Follow the instructions in the Create ExpressRoute circuits article for more details.

  2. 从服务提供商订购连接。Order connectivity from the service provider. 此过程根据情况而有所不同。This process varies. 有关如何订购连接的详细信息,请联系连接服务提供商。Contact your connectivity provider for more details about how to order connectivity.

  3. 通过 PowerShell 验证 ExpressRoute 线路预配状态,以确保线路预配成功。Ensure that the circuit has been provisioned successfully by verifying the ExpressRoute circuit provisioning state through PowerShell.

  4. 配置路由域Configure routing domains. 如果连接服务提供商管理第 3 层配置,他们将为你的线路配置路由。If your connectivity provider manages Layer 3 configuration, they will configure routing for your circuit. 如果连接服务提供商只提供第 2 层服务,必须根据路由要求路由配置页中所述的每条指导原则来配置路由。If your connectivity provider only offers Layer 2 services, you must configure routing per the guidelines described in the routing requirements and routing configuration pages.

    • 启用 Azure 专用对等互连 - 启用此对等互连以连接到部署在虚拟网络中的 VM/云服务。Enable Azure private peering - Enable this peering to connect to VMs / cloud services deployed within virtual networks.


      必须确保使用独立的代理/边缘,而不是用于 Internet 的 代理/边缘来连接 Microsoft。You must ensure that you use a separate proxy / edge to connect to Microsoft than the one you use for the Internet. 对 ExpressRoute 和 Internet 使用相同的边缘会导致路由不对称,并造成网络连接中断。Using the same edge for both ExpressRoute and the Internet will cause asymmetric routing and cause connectivity outages for your network.

  5. 将虚拟网络链接到 ExpressRoute 线路 - 可以将虚拟网络链接到 ExpressRoute 线路。Linking virtual networks to ExpressRoute circuits - You can link virtual networks to your ExpressRoute circuit. 请按照说明将 VNet 链接到用户的线路。Follow instructions to link VNets to your circuit. 这些 VNet 可以位于 ExpressRoute 线路所在的同一 Azure 订阅中,也可以位于不同的订阅中。These VNets can either be in the same Azure subscription as the ExpressRoute circuit, or can be in a different subscription.

ExpressRoute 线路预配状态ExpressRoute circuit provisioning states

每条 ExpressRoute 线路有两种状态:Each ExpressRoute circuit has two states:

  • 服务提供商预配状态Service provider provisioning state
  • 状态Status

“状态”表示 Microsoft 的预配状态。Status represents Microsoft's provisioning state. 创建 Expressroute 线路时,此属性设置为 EnabledThis property is set to Enabled when you create an Expressroute circuit

连接服务提供商预配状态表示连接服务提供商一端的状态。The connectivity provider provisioning state represents the state on the connectivity provider's side. 该状态可能是 NotProvisioned 、Provisioning 或 Provisioned 。It can either be NotProvisioned, Provisioning, or Provisioned. ExpressRoute 线路必须处于 Provisioned 状态,才能配置对等互联。The ExpressRoute circuit must be in a Provisioned state in order configure peering.

ExpressRoute 线路的可能状态Possible states of an ExpressRoute circuit

本部分列出 ExpressRoute 线路的可能状态。This section lists out the possible states of an ExpressRoute circuit.

创建时At creation time

ExpressRoute 线路会在资源创建时报告以下状态。The ExpressRoute circuit will report the following states at resource creation.

ServiceProviderProvisioningState : NotProvisioned
Status                           : Enabled

连接服务提供商正在预配线路时When connectivity provider is in the process of provisioning the circuit

连接服务提供商预配线路时,ExpressRoute 线路将报告以下状态。The ExpressRoute circuit will report the following states while the connectivity provider is working to provision the circuit.

ServiceProviderProvisioningState : Provisioning
Status                           : Enabled

连接服务提供商完成预配过程时When connectivity provider has completed the provisioning process

连接服务提供商成功预配线路后,ExpressRoute 线路将报告以下状态。The ExpressRoute circuit will report the following states once the connectivity provider has successfully provisioned the circuit.

ServiceProviderProvisioningState : Provisioned
Status                           : Enabled

连接服务提供商正在取消预配线路时When connectivity provider is deprovisioning the circuit

如果需要取消预配 ExpressRoute 线路,在服务提供商完成取消预配过程后,线路将报告以下状态。If the ExpressRoute circuit needs to be deprovisioned, the circuit will report the following states once the service provider has completed the deprovisioning process.

ServiceProviderProvisioningState : NotProvisioned
Status                           : Enabled

如果需要,可以选择重新启用线路,或运行 PowerShell cmdlet 删除线路。You can choose to re-enable it if needed, or run PowerShell cmdlets to delete the circuit.


ServiceProviderProvisioningState 为 Provisioning 或 Provisioned 时,无法删除线路。A circuit cannot be deleted when the ServiceProviderProvisioningState is Provisioning or Provisioned. 连接服务提供商需要取消预配线路,然后才能将其删除。The connectivity provider needs to deprovision the circuit before it can be deleted. 在 Azure 中删除 ExpressRoute 线路资源之前,Microsoft 将继续对线路进行计费。Microsoft will continue to bill the circuit until the ExpressRoute circuit resource is deleted in Azure.

路由会话配置状态Routing session configuration state

BGP 预配状态会报告是否已在 Microsoft Edge 上启用 BGP 会话。The BGP provisioning state reports if the BGP session has been enabled on the Microsoft edge. 必须启用该状态才能使用专用对等互连或 Microsoft 对等互连。The state must be enabled to use private or Microsoft peering.

必须特意检查 Microsoft 对等互连的 BGP 会话状态。It is important to check the BGP session state especially for Microsoft peering. 除了 BGP 预配状态,还有另一个状态称为 播发的公共前缀状态In addition to the BGP provisioning state, there is another state called advertised public prefixes state. 播发的公共前缀状态必须是“已配置”状态,BGP 会话才能启动,才能进行端到端的路由。The advertised public prefixes state must be in the configured state, both for the BGP session to be up and for your routing to work end-to-end.

如果播发的公共前缀状态设置为需要验证状态,则不会启用 BGP 会话,因为播发的前缀不符合任何路由注册表中的 AS 编号。If the advertised public prefix state is set to a validation needed state, the BGP session is not enabled, as the advertised prefixes did not match the AS number in any of the routing registries.


如果播发的公共前缀状态是“手动验证”状态,则需要向 Microsoft 支持开具支持票证,并提供拥有播发 IP 地址的证明以及相关的自治系统编号。If the advertised public prefixes state is in manual validation state, you need to open a support ticket with Microsoft support and provide evidence that you own the IP addresses advertised along with the associated Autonomous System number.

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