ExpressRoute 监视、指标和警报ExpressRoute monitoring, metrics, and alerts

本文可帮助你使用 Azure Monitor 了解 ExpressRoute 监视、指标和警报。This article helps you understand ExpressRoute monitoring, metrics, and alerts using Azure Monitor. Azure Monitor 是整个 Azure 中所有指标、警报和诊断日志的一站式商店。Azure Monitor is one stop shop for all metrics, alerting, diagnostic logs across all of Azure.


建议不要使用经典指标Using Classic Metrics is not recommended.

ExpressRoute 指标ExpressRoute metrics

若要查看“指标”,请导航到“Azure Monitor”页,单击“指标”。 To view Metrics, navigate to the Azure Monitor page and click Metrics. 若要查看 ExpressRoute 指标,请按资源类型“ExpressRoute 线路”进行筛选。 To view ExpressRoute metrics, filer by Resource Type ExpressRoute circuits.

选择指标后,将应用默认聚合。Once a metric is selected, the default aggregation will be applied. (可选)可以应用拆分,它将显示具有不同维度的指标。Optionally, you can apply splitting, which will show the metric with different dimensions.

可用指标Available Metrics

指标Metric 类别Category 维度Dimension(s) 功能Feature(s)
ARP 可用性ARP Availability 可用性Availability
  • 对等机(主要/辅助 ExpressRoute 路由器)Peer (Primary/Secondary ExpressRoute router)
  • 对等互连类型(专用/公共/Microsoft)Peering Type (Private/Public/Microsoft)
  • ExpressRouteExpressRoute
    BGP 可用性Bgp Availability 可用性Availability
  • 对等机(主要/辅助 ExpressRoute 路由器)Peer (Primary/Secondary ExpressRoute router)
  • 对等互连类型Peering Type
  • ExpressRouteExpressRoute
    BitsInPerSecondBitsInPerSecond 交通Traffic 对等互连类型 (ExpressRoute)Peering Type (ExpressRoute) ExpressRouteExpressRoute
    BitsOutPerSecondBitsOutPerSecond 交通Traffic 对等互连类型 (ExpressRoute)Peering Type (ExpressRoute) ExpressRouteExpressRoute

    线路指标Circuits metrics

    进位和出位 - 所有对等互连的指标Bits In and Out - Metrics across all peerings

    可以查看给定 ExpressRoute 线路上所有对等互连的指标。You can view metrics across all peerings on a given ExpressRoute circuit.


    进位和出位 - 每个对等互连的指标Bits In and Out - Metrics per peering

    可以查看专用、公共和 Microsoft 对等互连的指标(以位/秒为单位)。You can view metrics for private, public, and Microsoft peering in bits/second.


    BGP 可用性 - 按对等机拆分BGP Availability - Split by Peer

    可以查看跨对等互连和对等机(主要和辅助 ExpressRoute 路由器)的近实时 BGP 可用性。You can view near to real-time availability of BGP across peerings and peers (Primary and Secondary ExpressRoute routers). 此仪表板显示为专用对等互连启动的主要 BGP 会话以及为专用对等互连关闭的第二个 BGP 会话。This dashboard shows the Primary BGP session up for private peering and the Second BGP session down for private peering.

    每个对等机的 BGP 可用性

    ARP 可用性 - 按对等互连拆分ARP Availability - Split by Peering

    可以查看跨对等互连和对等机(主要和辅助 ExpressRoute 路由器)的近实时 ARP 可用性。You can view near to real-time availability of ARP across peerings and peers (Primary and Secondary ExpressRoute routers). 此仪表板显示跨两个对等机启动的专用对等互连 ARP 会话,该会话在跨 Microsoft 对等互连时会彻底关闭。This dashboard shows the Private Peering ARP session up across both peers, but complete down for Microsoft peering across peerings. 已跨两个对等机利用了默认聚合(平均)。The default aggregation (Average) was utilized across both peers.

    每个对等机的 ARP 可用性

    ExpressRoute 网关连接(以位/秒为单位)ExpressRoute gateway connections in bits/seconds


    ExpressRoute 网关连接的警报Alerts for ExpressRoute gateway connections

    1. 若要配置警报,请导航到 Azure Monitor,然后单击“警报”。In order to configure alerts, navigate to Azure Monitor, then click Alerts.


    2. 单击“+选择目标” ,然后选择 ExpressRoute 网关连接资源。Click +Select Target and select the ExpressRoute gateway connection resource.


    3. 定义警报详细信息。Define the alert details.


    4. 定义和添加操作组。Define and add the action group.


    基于每个对等互连的警报Alerts based on each peering


    为线路上的活动日志配置警报Configure alerts for activity logs on circuits

    警报条件中,可以选择“活动日志” 作为信号类型并选择“信号”。In the Alert Criteria, you can select Activity Log for the Signal Type and select the Signal.


    后续步骤Next steps

    配置 ExpressRoute 连接。Configure your ExpressRoute connection.