HDInsight 中版本控制的工作原理How versioning works in HDInsight

HDInsight 服务有两个主要组件:资源提供程序和在群集上部署的 Apache Hadoop 组件。HDInsight service has two main components: a Resource provider and Apache Hadoop components that are deployed on a cluster.

HDInsight 资源提供程序HDInsight Resource provider

Azure 中的资源由资源提供程序提供。Resources in Azure are made available by a Resource provider. HDInsight 资源提供程序负责创建、管理和删除群集。HDInsight Resource provider is responsible for creating, managing, and deleting clusters.

HDInsight 映像HDInsight images

HDInsight 使用映像将可在群集上部署的开源软件 (OSS) 组件组合在一起。HDInsight uses images to put together open-source software (OSS) components that can be deployed on a cluster. 这些映像包含基本 Ubuntu 操作系统和核心组件,例如 Spark、Hadoop、Kafka、HBase 或 Hive。These images contain the base Ubuntu operating system and core components such as Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, HBase or Hive.

HDInsight 中的版本控制Versioning in HDInsight

Microsoft 会定期升级映像和 HDInsight 资源提供程序,将新的改进和功能包括进来。Microsoft periodically upgrades the images and the HDInsight Resource provider to include new improvements and features.

如果满足下列一项或多项条件,可能会创建新的 HDInsight 版本:New HDInsight version may be created when one or more of the following are true:

  • HDInsight 资源提供程序功能出现重大更改或更新Major changes or updates to HDInsight Resource provider functionality
  • OSS 组件发布主要版本Major releases of OSS components
  • Ubuntu 操作系统出现重大更改Major changes to Ubuntu operating system

如果满足下列一项或多项条件,则会创建新的映像版本:A new image version is created when one or more of the following are true:

  • OSS 组件发布主要或次要版本和更新Major or minor releases and updates of OSS components
  • 发布映像中组件的补丁或修补程序Patches or fixes for a component in the image

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