Azure HDInsight:Java 示例Azure HDInsight: Java samples

本文将提供:This article provides:

  • 有关群集创建任务的示例链接。Links to samples for cluster creation tasks.
  • 有关其他管理任务的参考内容链接。Links to reference content for other management tasks.


如果没有 Azure 试用版订阅,请在开始前创建一个试用版订阅If you don't have an Azure trail subscription, create a trial subscription before you begin.

群集管理 - 创建Cluster management - creation

通过克隆 hdinsight-java-sdk-samples GitHub 存储库,可获取 Java 的这些示例。You can get these samples for Java by cloning the hdinsight-java-sdk-samples GitHub repository.

其他 SDK 功能Additional SDK functionality

  • 列出群集List clusters
  • 删除群集Delete clusters
  • 调整群集大小Resize clusters
  • 监视Monitoring
  • 脚本操作Script Actions

用于 Java 的 HDInsight SDK 参考文档中,可找到这一附加 SDK 功能的代码片段。Code snippets for this additional SDK functionality can be found in the HDInsight SDK for Java reference documentation.