Azure 信息保护客户端:安装和配置客户端Azure Information Protection client: Installation and configuration for clients

适用范围:Azure 信息保护Office 365*Applies to: Azure Information Protection, Office 365*

相关内容:AIP 统一标记客户端和经典客户端Relevant for: AIP unified labeling client and classic client*


为了提供统一、简化的客户体验,Azure 门户中的 Azure 信息保护经典客户端和标签管理将于 2021 年 3 月 31 日弃用 。To provide a unified and streamlined customer experience, Azure Information Protection classic client and Label Management in the Azure Portal are being deprecated as of March 31, 2021. 在此时间框架内,所有 Azure 信息保护客户都可以使用 Microsoft 信息保护统一标记平台转换到我们的统一标记解决方案。This time-frame allows all current Azure Information Protection customers to transition to our unified labeling solution using the Microsoft Information Protection Unified Labeling platform. 有关详细信息,请参阅官方弃用通知Learn more in the official deprecation notice.

建议所有 Windows 计算机都使用 AIP 统一标记客户端,因为它会安装一个 Office 加载项,该加载项允许用户直接从 Office 功能区轻松标记和保护文档。The AIP unified labeling client is recommended for all Windows computers, because it installs an Office add-in that enables users to easily label and protect documents directly from the Office ribbon.

该客户端还提供以下功能:The client also offers:

  • 对内置保护服务 (Azure Rights Management) 不支持的文件类型进行标记和保护。Labeling and protection for file types that are not supported by the built-in protection service (Azure Rights Management).
  • Office 应用无法打开的受保护文件的查看器。A viewer for protected files that can't be opened by Office apps. IOS 和 Android 有类似的查看器。There's a similar viewer for iOS and Android.
  • 用于跟踪和撤消受保护文件访问权限的功能。Features for tracking and revoking access to protected files.

运行 Office 2010 的计算机需要 Azure 信息保护客户端向 Azure 信息保护服务进行身份验证。Computers running Office 2010 require the Azure Information Protection client to authenticate to the Azure Information Protection service. 请注意,Office 2010 外延支持已于 2020 年 10 月 13 日结束。Note that Office 2010 extended support ended on October 13, 2020. 有关详细信息,请参阅 AIP 和旧版 Windows 和 Office 版本For more information, see AIP and legacy Windows and Office versions.

适用于 Windows 的 Azure 信息保护客户端:安装和配置The Azure Information Protection client for Windows: Installation and configuration

有关适用于 Windows 的客户端的企业安装和配置,请参阅 Azure 信息保护统一标记客户端管理员指南For an enterprise installation and configuration of the client for Windows, see the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client administrator guide.

如果需要为一台计算机快速安装并测试这些客户端,请参阅下载并安装 Azure 信息保护统一标记客户端If you want to quickly install and test these clients for a single computer, see Download and install the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client.

仅限经典客户端:如果已经安装了经典客户端,请改用以下链接:Classic client only: If you have the classic client installed, use these links instead:

适用于 iOS 和 Android 的 Azure 信息保护应用:安装和管理The Azure Information Protection app for iOS and Android: Installation and management

若要安装适用于 iOS 和 Android 的 Azure 信息保护应用查看器,请使用 Microsoft Azure 信息保护页上的链接。To install the Azure Information Protection app viewer for iOS and Android, use the links on the Microsoft Azure Information Protection page. 不需要任何配置。No configuration is required.


对于 Mac 计算机,该页的链接将下载 RMS 共享应用。For Mac computers, links from this page download the RMS sharing app. 这些计算机不支持 Azure 信息保护客户端。These computers do not support the Azure Information Protection client.

与 Intune 集成Integration with Intune

由于 Azure 信息保护查看器应用使用 Microsoft Intune 应用软件开发工具包,因此,在通过 Intune 注册 iOS 和 Android 设备时,可以为这些设备部署并管理 Azure 信息保护查看器应用:Because the Azure Information Protection viewer app uses the Microsoft Intune App Software Development Kit, when iOS and Android devices are enrolled by Intune, you can deploy and manage the Azure Information Protection viewer app for these devices:

  1. 将 Azure 信息保护添加到 IntuneAdd the Azure Information Protection app to Intune

  2. 执行以下任一项或两项操作:Do one or both of the following actions:

将 Azure 信息保护应用添加到 Intune 时的其他信息:Additional information for when you add the Azure Information Protection app to Intune:

  • 对于 iOS:从 Intune 搜索并添加该应用。For iOS: Search for and add the app from Intune.

  • 对于 Android:在添加该应用时,请使用以下 Appstore URL:For Android: When you add the app, use the following Appstore URL:

当 Azure 信息保护应用配置为 Android 设备的应用保护策略时,除了打开受保护的文本、图像和 PDF 文档之外,此应用还可以打开音频和视频文件。When the Azure Information Protection app is configured for an app protection policy for Android devices, in addition to opening protected text, images, and PDF documents, this app can also open audio and video files. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用 Azure 信息保护应用查看媒体文件For more information, see View media files with the Azure Information Protection app.

后续步骤Next steps

在安装和配置 Azure 信息保护客户端后,可能需要详细了解客户端如何解释可用于保护文档和电子邮件的不同使用权限。After you have installed and configured Azure Information Protection clients, you might need to learn more about how the client interprets the different usage rights that can be used to protect documents and emails. 有关详细信息,请参阅为 Azure 信息管理配置使用权限For more information, see Configuring usage rights for Azure Information Management.