Azure 媒体服务 v3 发行说明Azure Media Services v3 release notes

媒体服务徽标 v3media services logo v3

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为了让大家随时了解最新的开发成果,本文将提供以下方面的信息:To stay up-to-date with the most recent developments, this article provides you with information about:

  • 最新版本The latest releases
  • 已知问题Known issues
  • Bug 修复Bug fixes
  • 已弃用的功能Deprecated functionality

已知问题Known issues


可以使用 Azure 门户执行以下操作:管理 v3 实时事件、查看 v3 资产和作业、获取有关访问 API 的信息以及加密内容。You can use the Azure portal to manage v3 live events, view v3 assets and jobs, get info about accessing APIs, encrypt content. 对于所有其他的管理任务(例如,管理转换和作业),请使用 REST APICLI 或某个受支持的 SDKFor all other management tasks (for example, manage transforms and jobs), use the REST API, CLI, or one of the supported SDKs.

有关详细信息,请参阅:媒体服务 v3的 Azure 门户限制For details, see: the Azure portal limitations for Media Services v3.

2020 年 7 月July 2020

高可用性High availablity

我们发布了一个高可用性的媒体服务和视频点播 (VOD) 概述示例We published a High Availability with Media Services and Video on Demand (VOD) overview and sample.

2020 年 1 月January 2020

媒体处理器中的改进Improvements in media processors

  • 使用“最佳”模式生成缩略图时,编码器现在会搜索超过 30 秒的时间,以选择不是单色的帧。When generating thumbnails with the “Best” mode, the encoder now searches beyond 30 seconds to select a frame that is not monochromatic.

内容保护Content protection

9 月份在有限区域发布的“令牌重放防护”功能现在已在所有区域提供。The Token Replay Prevention feature released in limited regions back in September is now available in all regions. 媒体服务客户现在可以对同一令牌用于请求密钥或许可证的次数设置限制。Media Services customers can now set a limit on the number of times the same token can be used to request a key or a license. 有关详细信息,请参阅令牌重放防护For more information, see Token Replay Prevention.

添加的支持针对用于 RTMP 实时流式处理的以下新推荐合作伙伴编码器:Added support for the following new recommended partner encoders for RTMP live streaming:

文件编码增强功能File Encoding enhancements

  • 现在可以使用新的内容感知编码预设。A new Content Aware Encoding preset is now available. 它使用内容感知编码生成一组符合 GOP 标准的 MP4。It produces a set of GOP-aligned MP4s by using content-aware encoding. 不管输入内容是什么,该服务都会对输入内容执行初始的轻型分析。Given any input content, the service performs an initial lightweight analysis of the input content. 它使用这些结果来确定最佳层数,以及适当的比特率和分辨率设置,方便通过自适应流式处理进行传递。It uses those results to determine the optimal number of layers, appropriate bit rate, and resolution settings for delivery by adaptive streaming. 此预设特别适用于低复杂性和中复杂性的视频,其中的输出文件比特率较低,但其质量仍会为观众提供良好的体验。This preset is particularly effective for low-complexity and medium-complexity videos, where the output files are at lower bit rates but at a quality that still delivers a good experience to viewers. 输出将包含带有交错式视频和音频的 MP4 文件。The output will contain MP4 files with video and audio interleaved. 有关详细信息,请参阅开放式 API 规范For more information, see the open API specs.
  • 改善了标准编码器中大小重设器的性能和多线程处理。Improved performance and multi-threading for the re-sizer in Standard Encoder. 在特定条件下,客户应看到 5-40% 的 VOD 编码获得性能提升。Under specific conditions, customer should see a performance boost between 5-40% VOD encoding. 编码成多比特率的低复杂性内容会显示最高的性能提升。Low complexity content encoded into multiple bit-rates will see the highest performance increases.
  • 现在,在使用基于时间的 GOP 设置时,标准编码会在 VOD 编码期间针对可变帧速率 (VFR) 内容维持常规 GOP 节奏。Standard encoding now maintains a regular GOP cadence for variable frame rate (VFR) contents during VOD encoding when using the time-based GOP setting. 这意味着,如果提交的混合帧速率内容存在差异(例如 15-30 fps),客户现在会看到常规的 GOP 距离,此类距离根据自适应比特率流式处理 MP4 文件的输出进行计算。This means that customer submitting mixed frame rate content that varies between 15-30 fps for example should now see regular GOP distances calculated on output to adaptive bitrate streaming MP4 files. 这会提高通过 HLS 或 DASH 进行交付时在跟踪之间无缝切换的功能。This will improve the ability to switch seamlessly between tracks when delivering over HLS or DASH.
  • 改善了可变帧速率 (VFR) 源内容的 AV 同步Improved AV sync for variable frame rate (VFR) source content

2019 年 9 月September 2019

媒体服务 v3Media Services v3

直播活动的实时线性编码Live linear encoding of live events

媒体服务 v3 宣布推出对直播活动进行实时线性编码的 24 小时 x 365 天预览版。Media Services v3 is announcing the preview of 24 hrs x 365 days of live linear encoding of live events.

2019 年 8 月August 2019

媒体服务 v2Media Services v2

弃用媒体处理器Deprecation of media processors

我们宣布弃用 Windows Azure 媒体编码器 (WAME) 和 Azure 媒体编码器 (AME) 媒体处理器,这两个处理器将停用。We are announcing deprecation of the Windows Azure Media Encoder (WAME) and Azure Media Encoder (AME) media processors, which are being retired. 有关停用日期,请参阅此旧组件主题。For the retirement dates, see this legacy components topic.

有关详细信息,请参阅将 WAME 迁移到 Media Encoder Standard将 AME 迁移到 Media Encoder StandardFor details, see Migrate WAME to Media Encoder Standard and Migrate AME to Media Encoder Standard.

2019 年 6 月June 2019

视频子剪辑Video subclipping

现在,在使用作业对视频进行编码时,可以对其进行剪裁或子剪辑。You can now trim or subclip a video when encoding it using a Job.

此功能适用于使用 BuiltInStandardEncoderPreset 预设或 StandardEncoderPreset 预设生成的任何转换This functionality works with any Transform that is built using either the BuiltInStandardEncoderPreset presets, or the StandardEncoderPreset presets.

请参阅示例:See examples:

2019 年 5 月May 2019

针对媒体服务诊断日志和指标的 Azure Monitor 支持Azure Monitor support for Media Services diagnostic logs and metrics

现在可以使用 Azure Monitor 查看媒体服务发出的遥测数据。You can now use Azure Monitor to view telemetry data emitted by Media Services.

  • 使用 Azure Monitor 诊断日志来监视媒体服务密钥传送终结点发送的请求。Use the Azure Monitor diagnostic logs to monitor requests sent by the Media Services Key Delivery endpoint.
  • 监视媒体服务流式处理终结点发出的指标。Monitor metrics emitted by Media Services Streaming Endpoints.

有关详细信息,请参阅监视媒体服务指标和诊断日志For details, see Monitor Media Services metrics and diagnostic logs.

动态打包中的多音频曲目支持Multi audio tracks support in Dynamic Packaging

使用多种编解码器和语言流式处理具有多个音频轨道的资产时,动态打包现在支持 HLS 输出(版本 4 或更高版本)的多个音频轨道。When streaming Assets that have multiple audio tracks with multiple codecs and languages, Dynamic Packaging now supports multi audio tracks for the HLS output (version 4 or above).

性能改进Performance improvements

添加了包括媒体服务性能改进的更新。Added updates that include Media Services performance improvements.

2019 年 4 月April 2019

新增预设New presets

2019 年 3 月March 2019

动态打包现在支持 Dolby Atmos。Dynamic Packaging now supports Dolby Atmos. 有关详细信息,请参阅动态打包支持的音频编解码器For more information, see Audio codecs supported by dynamic packaging.

现在,可以指定资产或帐户筛选器的列表,这些筛选器将应用于流定位器。You can now specify a list of asset or account filters, which would apply to your Streaming Locator. 有关详细信息,请参阅将筛选器与流定位器相关联For more information, see Associate filters with Streaming Locator.

2019 年 2 月February 2019

媒体服务 v3 目前在 Azure 国家云中受支持。Media Services v3 is now supported in Azure national clouds. 目前,并非所有功能在所有云中都可用。Not all features are available in all clouds yet. 有关详细信息,请参阅存在 Azure 媒体服务 v3 的云和区域For details, see Clouds and regions in which Azure Media Services v3 exists.

Microsoft.Media.JobOutputProgress 事件已添加到媒体服务的 Azure 事件网格架构中。Microsoft.Media.JobOutputProgress event was added to the Azure Event Grid schemas for Media Services.

2019 年 1 月January 2019

Media Encoder Standard 和 MPI 文件Media Encoder Standard and MPI files

使用 Media Encoder Standard 编码生成 MP4 文件时,新的 .mpi 文件会生成并添加到输出资产中。When encoding with Media Encoder Standard to produce MP4 file(s), a new .mpi file is generated and added to the output Asset. 此 MPI 文件旨在提高动态打包和流式处理方案的性能。This MPI file is intended to improve performance for dynamic packaging and streaming scenarios.

不应修改或删除该 MPI 文件,也不应在存在(或不存在)此类文件的情况下采用服务中的任何依赖项。You should not modify or remove the MPI file, or take any dependency in your service on the existence (or not) of such a file.

2018 年 12 月December 2018

V3 API 的正式版中的更新包括:Updates from the GA release of the V3 API include:

  • PresentationTimeRange 属性不再是 AssetFiltersAccountFilters 所必需的。The PresentationTimeRange properties are no longer 'required' for Asset Filters and Account Filters.
  • 已删除 JobsTransforms 的 $top 和 $skip 查询选项,并添加了 $orderby。The $top and $skip query options for Jobs and Transforms have been removed and $orderby was added. 在添加新排序功能的过程中,我们发现之前意外地公开了 $top 和 $skip 选项,尽管它们并未实现。As part of adding the new ordering functionality, it was discovered that the $top and $skip options had accidentally been exposed previously even though they are not implemented.
  • 重新启用了枚举可扩展性。Enumeration extensibility was re-enabled. 此功能在 SDK 的预览版中已启用,但在正式版中被意外禁用。This feature was enabled in the preview versions of the SDK and got accidentally disabled in the GA version.
  • 已重命名两个预定义的流式处理策略。Two predefined streaming policies have been renamed. SecureStreaming 现在名为 MultiDrmCencStreamingSecureStreaming is now MultiDrmCencStreaming. SecureStreamingWithFairPlay 现在名为 Predefined_MultiDrmStreamingSecureStreamingWithFairPlay is now Predefined_MultiDrmStreaming.

2018 年 11 月November 2018

CLI 2.0 模块现在可用于 Azure 媒体服务 v3 正式版 - v 2.0.50。The CLI 2.0 module is now available for Azure Media Services v3 GA – v 2.0.50.

新命令New commands

新功能和重大更改New features and breaking changes

资产命令Asset commands

  • 添加了 --storage-account--container 参数。--storage-account and --container arguments added.
  • az ams asset get-sas-url 命令中添加了到期时间默认值(现在时间 + 23 小时)和权限默认值(读取)。Default values for expiry time (Now+23h) and permissions (Read) in az ams asset get-sas-url command added.

作业命令Job commands

  • 添加了 --correlation-data--label 参数--correlation-data and --label arguments added
  • --output-asset-names 已重命名为 --output-assets--output-asset-names renamed to --output-assets. 现在,它接受 'assetName=label' 格式的资产列表(以空格分隔)。Now it accepts a space-separated list of assets in 'assetName=label' format. 没有标签的资产可以采用以下格式发送:'assetName='。An asset without label can be sent like this: 'assetName='.

创建流式处理定位符命令Streaming Locator commands

  • az ams streaming locator 基本命令已替换为 az ams streaming-locatoraz ams streaming locator base command replaced with az ams streaming-locator.
  • 添加了 --streaming-locator-id--alternative-media-id support 参数。--streaming-locator-id and --alternative-media-id support arguments added.
  • 更新了 --content-keys argument 参数。--content-keys argument argument updated.
  • --content-policy-name 已重命名为 --content-key-policy-name--content-policy-name renamed to --content-key-policy-name.

流式处理策略命令Streaming Policy commands

  • az ams streaming policy 基本命令已替换为 az ams streaming-policyaz ams streaming policy base command replaced with az ams streaming-policy.
  • az ams streaming-policy create 中添加了加密参数支持。Encryption parameters support in az ams streaming-policy create added.

转换命令Transform commands

  • --preset-names 参数已替换为 --preset--preset-names argument replaced with --preset. 现在只能一次设置 1 个输出/预设(若要添加更多,必须运行 az ams transform output add)。Now you can only set 1 output/preset at a time (to add more you have to run az ams transform output add). 此外,还可以通过将路径传递到自定义 JSON 来设置自定义 StandardEncoderPreset。Also, you can set custom StandardEncoderPreset by passing the path to your custom JSON.
  • 可以通过传递要删除的输出索引来执行 az ams transform output removeaz ams transform output remove can be performed by passing the output index to remove.
  • az ams transform createaz ams transform output add 命令中添加了 --relative-priority, --on-error, --audio-language and --insights-to-extract 参数。--relative-priority, --on-error, --audio-language and --insights-to-extract arguments added in az ams transform create and az ams transform output add commands.

October 2018 - GAOctober 2018 - GA

本部分介绍 Azure 媒体服务 (AMS) 的 10 月更新。This section describes Azure Media Services (AMS) October updates.

REST v3 GA 发布REST v3 GA release

REST v3 GA 发布包含更多用于实时、帐户/资产级别清单筛选器和 DRM 支持的 API。The REST v3 GA release includes more APIs for Live, Account/Asset level manifest filters, and DRM support.

Azure 资源管理Azure Resource Management

对 Azure 资源管理的支持实现了统一的管理和操作 API(现在所有功能已整合在一起)。Support for Azure Resource Management enables unified management and operations API (now everything in one place).

从此版本开始,可以使用资源管理器模板创建直播活动。Starting with this release, you can use Resource Manager templates to create Live Events.

改善资产操作Improvement of Asset operations

引入了以下改进:The following improvements were introduced:

  • 从 HTTP(s) URL 或 Azure Blob 存储 SAS URL 中引入。Ingest from HTTP(s) URLs or Azure Blob Storage SAS URLs.
  • 为资产指定自己的容器名称。Specify you own container names for Assets.
  • 使用 Azure Functions 创建自定义工作流支持更轻松的输出。Easier output support to create custom workflows with Azure Functions.

新转换对象New Transform object

新转换对象简化编码模型。The new Transform object simplifies the Encoding model. 通过新对象,可以轻松创建和共享编码资源管理器模板和预设。The new object makes it easy to create and share encoding Resource Manager templates and presets.

Azure Active Directory 身份验证和 RBACAzure Active Directory authentication and RBAC

Azure AD 身份验证和基于角色的访问控制 (RBAC) 通过 Azure AD 中的角色或用户启用安全转换、直播活动、内容密钥策略或资产。Azure AD Authentication and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enable secure Transforms, LiveEvents, Content Key Policies, or Assets by Role or Users in Azure AD.

客户端 SDKClient SDKs

媒体服务 v3 支持的语言:NET Core、Java、Node.js、Ruby、Typescript、Python、Go。Languages supported in Media Services v3: .NET Core, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Typescript, Python, Go.

实时编码更新Live encoding updates

引入了以下实时编码更新:The following live encoding updates are introduced:

  • 针对实时传送视频的新的低延迟模式(10 秒端到端)。New low latency mode for live (10 seconds end-to-end).

  • 改进的 RTMP 支持(提高了稳定性并提供了更多的源编码器支持)。Improved RTMP support (increased stability and more source encoder support).

  • RTMPS 安全引入。RTMPS secure ingest.

    创建直播活动时,现在会得到 4 个引入 URL。When you create a Live Event, you now get 4 ingest URLs. 这 4 个引入 URL 几乎是相同的,具有相同的流式处理令牌 (AppId),仅端口号部分不同。The 4 ingest URLs are almost identical, have the same streaming token (AppId), only the port number part is different. 其中两个 URL 是 RTMPS 的主要和备份 URL。Two of the URLs are primary and backup for RTMPS.

  • 24 小时转码支持。24-hour transcoding support.

  • 通过 SCTE35 改进了 RTMP 中的广告信号支持。Improved ad-signaling support in RTMP via SCTE35.

改进了事件网格支持Improved Event Grid support

可以看到以下事件网格支持改进:You can see the following Event Grid support improvements:

  • 可通过逻辑应用和 Azure Functions 更轻松地开发 Azure 事件网格集成。Azure Event Grid integration for easier development with Logic Apps and Azure Functions.
  • 订阅事件的编码、直播频道等。Subscribe for events on Encoding, Live Channels, and more.

CMAF 支持CMAF support

CMAF 和“cbcs”加密支持 Apple HLS (iOS 11+) 以及支持 CMAF 的 MPEG-DASH 播放器。CMAF and 'cbcs' encryption support for Apple HLS (iOS 11+) and MPEG-DASH players that support CMAF.

更改计划Plans for changes

Azure CLI 2.0Azure CLI 2.0

包含所有功能(包括 Live、内容密钥策略、帐户/资产筛选器、流式处理策略)的操作的 Azure CLI 2.0 模块即将推出。The Azure CLI 2.0 module that includes operations on all features (including Live, Content Key Policies, Account/Asset Filters, Streaming Policies) is coming soon.

已知问题Known issues

只有使用资产或 AccountFilter 预览版 API 的客户才会受到以下问题的影响。Only customers that used the preview API for Asset or AccountFilters are impacted by the following issue.

如果你使用媒体服务 v3 CLI 或 API 在 9 月 28 日到 10 月 12 日之间创建了资产或帐户筛选器,因版本冲突,需要删除所有资产和 AccountFilter,并重新创建它们。If you created Assets or Account Filters between 09/28 and 10/12 with Media Services v3 CLI or APIs, you need to remove all Asset and AccountFilters and re-create them due to a version conflict.

2018 年 5 月 - 预览版May 2018 - Preview


.NET SDK 中提供了以下功能:The following features are present in the .NET SDK:

  • 转换和作业,用于对媒体内容进行编码 。Transforms and Jobs to encode media content. 有关示例,请参阅流式传输文件For examples, see Stream files.
  • 流式处理定位符,用于发布内容并将其流式传输到最终用户设备Streaming Locators for publishing and streaming content to end-user devices
  • 流式处理策略内容密钥策略,用于在传送内容时配置密钥传递和内容保护 (DRM)。Streaming Policies and Content Key Policies to configure key delivery and content protection (DRM) when delivering content.
  • 直播活动实时输出,用于配置实时传送视频流内容的引入和归档。Live Events and Live Outputs to configure the ingest and archiving of live streaming content.
  • 资产,用于在 Azure 存储中存储和发布媒体内容。Assets to store and publish media content in Azure Storage.
  • 流式处理终结点,用于配置和缩放实时和点播媒体内容的动态打包、加密和流式处理。Streaming Endpoints to configure and scale dynamic packaging, encryption, and streaming for both live and on-demand media content.

已知问题Known issues

  • 提交作业时,可以指定使用 HTTPS URL、SAS URL 或位于 Azure Blob 存储中的文件路径引入源视频。When submitting a job, you can specify to ingest your source video using HTTPS URLs, SAS URLs, or paths to files located in Azure Blob storage. 媒体服务 v3 目前不支持基于 HTTPS URL 的块式传输编码。Currently, Media Services v3 does not support chunked transfer encoding over HTTPS URLs.

后续步骤Next steps