Power BI Embedded 入门Get started with Power BI Embedded

使用 Power BI Embedded,独立软件供应商 (ISV) 和开发人员可以通过基于容量的按小时计算流量模型将令人惊叹的视觉对象、报告和仪表板快速添加到应用程序中。Power BI Embedded offers independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers a way to quickly add stunning visuals, reports, and dashboards into their applications through a capacity-based, hourly metered model.


Power BI Embedded 为 ISV 及其开发人员和客户带来优势。Power BI Embedded has benefits for an ISV, their developers, and customers. 例如,ISV 可以开始免费使用 Power BI Desktop 创建视觉对象。For example, an ISV can start creating visuals for free with Power BI Desktop. ISV 可以通过尽量减少视觉分析开发工作来加快入市速度,通过差异化的数据体验在竞争中脱颖而出。ISVs can achieve faster time to market by minimizing visual analytic development efforts and stand out among the competition with differentiated data experiences. ISV 还可以选择对通过嵌入式分析创建的附加价值收取额外费用。ISVs also can opt to charge a premium for the additional value created with embedded analytics.

开发人员可以将时间集中在增强应用程序的核心竞争力,而不是花在开发视觉对象和分析内容上。Developers can spend time focused on building the core competency of their application rather than spending time developing visuals and analytics. 开发人员可以快速满足客户的报表和仪表板需求,可以轻松地嵌入具有完整文档记录的 API 和 SDK。Developers can rapidly meet customer report and dashboard demands and can embed easily with fully documented APIs and SDKs. 最后,ISV 可以在其应用中启用易于导航的数据探索,使其客户可以根据任何设备的情况充满自信地进行快速的数据驱动型决策。Lastly, by enabling easy-to-navigate data exploration in their apps, ISVs allow their customers to make quick, data-driven decisions in context and with confidence from any device.

将应用程序注册到 Azure Active Directory 中Register an application within Azure Active Directory

若要在自定义应用程序中进行嵌入,需在 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 中注册应用程序。A registered application within Azure Active Directory (AAD) is needed to embed in a custom application. 注册的应用程序要求租户为 Power BI 租户。The registered application requires that your tenant is a Power BI tenant. Power BI 租户意味着,组织中至少有一位用户已注册 Power BI。A Power BI tenant means that at least one user in the organization has signed up for Power BI. 用户注册 Power BI 后,Power BI API 就会显示在注册的应用程序中。Having a user signed up for Power BI allows the Power BI APIs to show up within the registered application.

若要详细了解如何在 AAD 中注册应用程序,请参阅 Power Bi Embedded 创建问题For more information about how to register an application in AAD, see Power Bi Embedded Creation issue.

在应用程序中嵌入内容Embed content in your application

在 AAD 中注册应用程序后,请在应用程序中嵌入 Power BI 内容。After you have your registered application in AAD, embed Power BI content within your application. 将 REST API 与 JavaScript API 配合使用,以便嵌入内容。Embed content by using the REST API along with the JavaScript APIs.

我们提供相关示例,帮助你入门。We have samples to help get you started. 有关该示例的演练,请参阅将仪表板、磁贴或报表集成到应用程序中For a walkthrough of the sample, see Integrate a dashboard, tile, or report into your application.

获取容量,进入生产Get capacity and move to production

在 Azure 中创建 Power BI Embedded 容量,使应用程序进入生产。Create Power BI Embedded capacity within Azure to move your application to production. 有关如何创建容量的信息,请参阅在 Azure 门户中创建 Power BI Embedded 容量For information on how to create capacity, see Create Power BI Embedded capacity in the Azure portal.


由于嵌入令牌仅用于开发人员测试,因此 Power BI 主帐户可以生成的嵌入令牌数是有限制的。Because embed tokens are intended for developer testing only, the number of embed tokens a Power BI master account can generate is limited. 对于生产嵌入方案,必须购买容量A capacity must be purchased for production embedding scenarios. 购买专用容量后,嵌入令牌的生成就没有限制。There is no limit to an embed token generation when a dedicated capacity is purchased. 转到获取可用功能检查当前嵌入使用情况(以百分比表示)。Go to Get Available Features to check for the current embedded usage in percentage.

在 Power BI 管理门户中管理容量。Manage your capacity within the Power BI admin portal. 分配工作区管理员以协助你管理应用工作区。Assign a workspace admin to assist with your app workspaces. 有关详细信息,请参阅管理 Power BI Premium 和 Power BI Embedded 中的容量For more information, see Manage capacities within Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded.

后续步骤Next steps

若已准备好创建 Power BI Embedded 容量,请参阅在 Azure 门户中创建 Power BI Embedded 容量If you are ready to create Power BI Embedded capacity, see Create Power BI Embedded capacity in the Azure portal.

如需演练示例,请参阅将仪表板、磁贴或报表集成到应用程序中If you are looking for a walkthrough sample, see Integrate a dashboard, tile, or report into your application.

有更多问题?More questions? 试用 Power BI 社区Try the Power BI Community