Power BI Embedded 是什么?What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded 旨在让 ISV 和开发者更轻松地使用 Power BI 功能。Power BI Embedded is intended to simplify how ISVs and developers use Power BI capabilities. Power BI Embedded 有助于在应用中快速添加无与伦比的视觉对象、报表和仪表板,从而简化了 Power BI 容量。Power BI Embedded simplifies Power BI capabilities by helping you quickly add stunning visuals, reports, and dashboards to your apps. 与在 Azure 基础之上生成的应用类似,请使用机器学习和 IoT 等服务。Similar to apps built on Azure use services like Machine Learning and IoT. ISV 方便客户在应用中轻松导航数据,从而视情况快速做出明智决策。By enabling easy-to-navigate data exploration in their apps, ISVs allow their customers to make quick, informed decisions in context.

2017 年 5 月,我们宣布了将 Power BI 和 Power BI Embedded 服务集成到一起。In May 2017, we announced the convergence of the Power BI and Power BI Embedded services. 此次集合不仅提供了统一的 API 接口、一组一致功能,还提供了对这两个服务最新功能的访问权限。The convergence delivered one API surface, a consistent set of capabilities and access to the latest features across both services. 此外,还引入了基于容量的定价模型,简化了 Power BI 的使用方式。Additionally, we introduced a capacity-based pricing model, simplifying how Power BI is consumed.

通过 Power BI Embedded,ISV 和开发者可以更灵活地使用 Power BI API 将商业智能嵌入应用。With Power BI Embedded, ISVs and developers have added flexibility in how they embed intelligence in their apps using the Power BI APIs. ISV 和开发者可以通过最少的开发工作实现更快上市,并使用 Microsoft 的世界一流分析引擎为应用提供支持,在市场中脱颖而出。ISVs and developers can take advantage of minimized development efforts to achieve faster time to market and differentiate themselves by infusing Microsoft’s world-class analytics engine in their app. 同样,开发者可以专注于开发满足客户需求的解决方案,而不是开发视觉对象分析功能。Equally, developers can spend time focusing on their solution to meet customer demands, instead of developing visual analytics features. 此外,借助 Power BI Embedded,还可以在用过的熟悉开发环境(即 Visual Studio 和 Azure)中工作。Additionally, Power BI Embedded enables you to work within the familiar development environments - Visual Studio and Azure - you already use.

是否使用 Power BI Premium 在现有应用中嵌入了 Power BI 内容?Do you have an existing app with embedded Power BI content using Power BI Premium? 如果是提供应用的 ISV 或开发者,或者是使用应用的组织,不需要采取任何措施。If you are an ISV or developer delivering apps or an organization using them, no action is needed. 你和你的客户可以继续使用这些应用,而不会遇到中断。You and your customers can continue using these apps without interruption. 如果现有应用是在 Power BI 工作区集合的基础之上生成,并且有意利用集成的 API 接口和基于容量的新 Azure SKU,请参阅迁移指南文档。If you have an existing app built on Power BI Workspace Collections and are interested in taking advantage of the converged API surface and the new capacity-based Azure SKUs, visit documentation for migration guidance.

比较 Power BI Embedded 和 Power BI PremiumComparing Power BI Embedded with Power BI Premium

Power BI Embedded 适用于独立软件供应商 (ISV) 和为其客户开发应用程序的开发人员。Power BI Embedded is for independent software vendors (ISVs) and for developers who build applications for their customers. 它可以用作第三方商业智能服务,可用于直观显示应用程序数据,不需要你自己构建该服务。It can be used as a third-party business intelligence service that enables you to visualize application data, rather than building that service yourself. Power BI Embedded 是一种平台即服务 (PaaS) 分析解决方案,在其中,开发人员可以将报表和仪表板嵌入到其客户的应用程序中。Power BI Embedded is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) analytics solution, where developers can embed reports and dashboards into an application for their customers. Power BI Premium 是一种软件即服务分析解决方案,使组织可以在单个视图中查看最关键的业务数据。Power BI Premium is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics solution that gives your organization a single view of their most critical business data.

Power BI Embedded 是一种即用即付功能,而 Power BI Premium 需要每月付费。Power BI Embedded is a pay-as-you-go feature, while Power BI Premium requires a monthly fee. 可以观看此视频来了解它们之间的对比情况。You can view this video to learn more about how they compare.

易于使用的工具Easy-to-use tools

使用 Power BI Embedded,可以专注于自己擅长的事情,即生成优质应用。Power BI Embedded allows you to focus on what you do best: building great apps. 可使用现有工具和技能,通过 Power BI Embedded 进行管理和开发。You can manage and develop with Power BI Embedded using tools and skills you already have.

  • Azure 门户:用于管理所有 Azure 服务的基于 Web 的应用程序The Azure portal: A web-based application for managing all Azure services
  • Visual Studio Code:可下载且免费的开放源代码代码编辑器,适用于 Windows、macOS 和 Linux,可支持扩展Visual Studio Code: a free, downloadable, open source, code editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux that supports extensions
  • Power BI Desktop:免费的可下载工具,用于创建内容丰富(含视觉对象分析)的交互式报表Power BI Desktop: a free, downloadable tool to create rich, interactive reports with visual analytics

将 REST API 和 Power BI Embedded 相结合,可以使用任何语言进行开发。Using the REST API, Power BI Embedded allows developing with any language.

与 Power BI 工程团队合作Engage with the Power BI engineering team

后续步骤Next steps

若要详细了解容量节点,请参阅定价页See the pricing page for capacity node details.

若要创建 Power BI Embedded 容量,请参阅在 Azure 门户中创建 Power BI Embedded 容量To create a Power BI Embedded capacity, see Create Power BI Embedded capacity in the Azure portal

若要开始嵌入 Power BI 内容,请参阅如何嵌入 Power BI 仪表板、报表和磁贴To begin embedding your Power BI content, see How to embed your Power BI dashboards, reports and tiles.