Threat Modeling Tool 更新版 7.1.51023.1 - 2018 年 11 月 1 日Threat Modeling Tool update release 7.1.51023.1 - 11/1/2018

正如最初在正式版说明中所提到的,我们发布了 Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 的更新 (7.1.51023.1),该更新将要求预览版(版本 < 7.1.50911.2 的预览客户端)用户升级到支持的正式版。As originally noted in the GA release notes, we have released an update (7.1.51023.1) to the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool that will require users of the Preview version (preview clients with version < 7.1.50911.2) to upgrade to the supported GA release. 此版本不包含任何新功能或修补程序。This release does not contain any new functionality or fixes.

  • 预览版的用户在打开客户端时将自动下载升级。Users of the Preview version will automatically download the upgrade when the client is opened. 如果你选择不安装新更新,则该工具的预览版将关闭。If you choose not to install the new update, the Preview version of the tool will close.
  • 该工具的正式版将提示用户选择是否要升级。Users of the GA version of the tool will be prompted to choose whether or not they want to upgrade.
  • 该工具的 2016 版的用户将不受影响。Users of the 2016 version of the tool will be unaffected.

功能更改Feature changes

  • None

系统要求System requirements

  • 支持的操作系统Supported Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows 10Microsoft Windows 10
  • 所需的 .NET 版本.NET Version Required
    • .NET 3.5.2.NET 3.5.2
  • 其他要求Additional Requirements
    • 需要建立 Internet 连接才能接收工具和模板的更新。An Internet connection is required to receive updates to the tool as well as templates.

文档和反馈Documentation and feedback

后续步骤Next steps

下载最新版本的 Microsoft Threat Modeling ToolDownload the latest version of the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool.