Azure 基础结构可用性Azure infrastructure availability

本文介绍 Microsoft 如何保护 Azure 基础结构并提供客户数据的最大可用性。This article provides information about what Microsoft does to secure the Azure infrastructure and provide maximum availability of customers' data. Azure 基于通过虚拟化技术实现的全面冗余提供可靠的可用性。Azure provides robust availability, based on extensive redundancy achieved with virtualization technology.

临时停电和自然灾害Temporary outages and natural disaster

Microsoft 云基础结构和运营团队设计、生成、运营云基础结构并提高其安全性。The Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and Operations team designs, builds, operates, and improves the security of the cloud infrastructure. 该团队确保 Azure 基础结构提供高可用性和可靠性、高效率、智能可伸缩性。This team ensures that the Azure infrastructure is delivering high availability and reliability, high efficiency, and smart scalability. 该团队提供更安全、更专用且更受信任的云。The team provides a more secure, private, and trusted cloud.

不间断电源和大量电池可确保在发生短期电力中断时仍然持续供电。Uninterruptible power supplies and vast banks of batteries ensure that electricity remains continuous if a short-term power disruption occurs. 应急发电机为长时间的停电和计划内维护提供备用电源。Emergency generators provide backup power for extended outages and planned maintenance. 如果发生自然灾难,数据中心可以使用现场燃料储备。If a natural disaster occurs, the datacenter can use onsite fuel reserves.

高速且可靠的光纤网络将数据中心与其他主要中心和 Internet 用户连接起来。High-speed and robust fiber optic networks connect datacenters with other major hubs and internet users. 计算节点将工作负荷托管在离用户较近的位置,以减少延迟、提供异地冗余并提高整体服务复原能力。Compute nodes host workloads closer to users to reduce latency, provide geo-redundancy, and increase overall service resiliency. 一组工程师全天候工作,以确保服务持续可用。A team of engineers works around the clock to ensure services are persistently available.

Microsoft 通过高级监视和事件响应、服务支持以及备份故障转移功能确保高可用性。Microsoft ensures high availability through advanced monitoring and incident response, service support, and backup failover capability. 地理位置分散的 Microsoft 运营中心每周 7 天、每天 24 小时运营。Geographically distributed Microsoft operations centers operate 24/7/365. Azure 网络是世界上最大的网络之一。The Azure network is one of the largest in the world. 光纤和内容分发网络连接数据中心和边缘节点,以确保高性能和可靠性。The fiber optic and content distribution network connects datacenters and edge nodes to ensure high performance and reliability.

灾难恢复Disaster recovery

Azure 使数据在两个位置保持持久性。Azure keeps your data durable in two locations. 可以选择备份站点的位置。You can choose the location of the backup site. 在这两个位置,Azure 始终维护数据的三个正常副本。In both locations, Azure constantly maintains three healthy replicas of your data.

数据库可用性Database availability

Azure 确保可通过具有持续数据库可用性的 Internet 网关从 Internet 访问数据库。Azure ensures that a database is internet accessible through an internet gateway with sustained database availability. 监视服务以 5 分钟的时间间隔评估活动数据库的运行状况和状态。Monitoring assesses the health and state of the active databases at five-minute time intervals.

存储可用性Storage availability

Azure 通过高度可缩放且持久的存储服务提供存储,该服务提供连接终结点。Azure delivers storage through a highly scalable and durable storage service, which provides connectivity endpoints. 这意味着应用程序可以直接访问存储服务。This means that an application can access the storage service directly. 存储服务在保持事务完整性的同时有效地处理传入存储请求。The storage service processes incoming storage requests efficiently, with transactional integrity.

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