Azure Service Fabric 监视合作伙伴Azure Service Fabric Monitoring Partners

本文演示如何使用几个合作伙伴解决方案来监视 Service Fabric 应用程序、群集和基础结构。This article illustrates how one can monitor their Service Fabric applications, clusters, and infrastructure with a handful of partner solutions. 我们与以下每家合作伙伴协作,以创建适用于 Service Fabric 的集成产品/服务。We have worked with each of the partners below to create integrated offerings for Service Fabric.


与 Dynatrace 的集成可提供许多现成的功能用于监视 Service Fabric 群集。Our integration with Dynatrace provides many out of the box features to monitor your Service Fabric clusters. 在 VMSS 实例上安装 Dynatrace OneAgent 可以提供性能计数器,并实现应用级别的 Service Fabric 部署拓扑。Installing the Dynatrace OneAgent on your VMSS instances gives you performance counters and a topology of your Service Fabric deployment down to the App level. 此外,Dynatrace 非常适合用于本地监视。Dynatrace is also a great choice for on-premises monitoring. 请查看通告说明中所列的,用于在群集上启用 Dynatrace 的其他功能。Check out more of the features listed in the announcement and instructions to enable Dynatrace on your cluster.


Datadog 包含适用于 Windows 和 Linux 实例的 VMSS 扩展。Datadog has an extension for VMSS for both Windows and Linux instances. 使用 Datadog 可以收集 Windows 事件日志,因此可以收集 Windows 上的 Service Fabric 平台事件。Using Datadog you can collect Windows event logs and thereby collect Service Fabric platform events on Windows. 请在此处查看有关如何将诊断数据发送到 Datadog 的说明。Check out the instructions on how to send your diagnostics data to Datadog here.


Service Fabric 与 AppDynamics 的集成是在应用程序级别实现的。The Service Fabric integration with AppDynamics is at the application level. 通过更新环境变量并使用 App Dynamics NuGet,可将应用程序遥测数据发送到 AppDynamics。By updating environment variables and using App Dynamics NuGets, you can send application telemetry to AppDynamics. 请参阅这些说明,了解如何将 .NET Service Fabric 应用程序与 AppDynamics 集成。Refer to these instructions for how to integrate your .NET Service Fabric applications with AppDynamics.

New RelicNew Relic

New Relic 是与 Service Fabric 应用程序完美集成的另一个应用程序性能管理工具。New Relic is another Application Performance Management tool that integrates well with Service Fabric applications. 可以安装 New Relic NuGet 包,并在清单文件中添加特定的环境变量,以便将应用程序遥测数据发送到 New Relic。You can install the New Relic NuGet packages and add specific environment variables in your manifest files to send your application telemetry to New Relic. 请查看这些说明,了解如何为 .NET Service Fabric 应用程序启用 New Relic 遥测。Check out these instructions to enable New Relic telemetry for your .NET Service Fabric applications.


Humio 是一项日志收集服务,可以通过实时方式在云中或本地收集应用程序中的日志以及 Service Fabric 中的事件。Humio is a log collection service that can gather logs from your applications and events from Service Fabric in the cloud or on-premises in real time. 除了实时可观测性外,Humio 还提供了最先进的分析和可视化功能,用于查看和收集诊断信息。In addition to live observability, Humio offers state-of-the-art analysis and visualization capabilities for viewing and collecting information from your diagnostics. Humio 具有经济有效的定价计划,构建后可以在保持超高速度的同时进行缩放。Humio has cost effective pricing plans and is built to scale while retaining it's lightening fast speed. 它直接集成 Service Fabric 平台事件和应用程序遥测。It directly integrates with Service Fabric platform events and Application telemetry. 可以在此处详细了解 Humio 和 Service Fabric 集成。You can read more about the Humio and Service Fabric integration here.

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