用于管理 Service Fabric 群集和实体的命令。Commands for managing Service Fabric clusters and entities. 此版本与 Service Fabric 7.0 运行时兼容。This version is compatible with Service Fabric 7.0 runtime.

命令遵循名词谓词模式。Commands follow the noun-verb pattern. 有关详细信息,请参阅子组。See subgroups for more information.


子组Subgroup 说明Description
应用程序application 创建、删除和管理应用程序及应用程序类型。Create, delete, and manage applications and application types.
chaoschaos 启动、停止和报告混沌测试服务。Start, stop, and report on the chaos test service.
clustercluster 选择、管理和操作 Service Fabric 群集。Select, manage, and operate Service Fabric clusters.
composecompose 创建、删除和管理 Docker Compose 应用程序。Create, delete, and manage Docker Compose applications.
容器container 在群集节点上运行与容器相关的命令。Run container related commands on a cluster node.
eventsevents 从事件存储中检索事件(如果已安装 EventStore 服务)。Retrieve events from the events store (if EventStore service is already installed).
isis 查询并向基础结构服务发送命令。Query and send commands to the infrastructure service.
nodenode 管理构成群集的节点。Manage the nodes that form a cluster.
partitionpartition 查询和管理任何服务的分区。Query and manage partitions for any service.
propertyproperty 在 Service Fabric 名称下存储和查询属性。Store and query properties under Service Fabric names.
replicareplica 管理属于服务分区的副本。Manage the replicas that belong to service partitions.
rpmrpm 查询并向修复管理器服务发送命令。Query and send commands to the repair manager service.
sa-clustersa-cluster 管理独立 Service Fabric 群集。Manage stand-alone Service Fabric clusters.
服务service 创建、删除和管理服务、服务类型与服务包。Create, delete and manage service, service types and service packages.
设置settings 配置此 sfctl 实例的本地设置。Configure settings local to this instance of sfctl.
存储store 针对群集映像存储执行基本文件级别操作。Perform basic file level operations on the cluster image store.

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